Friday, December 14, 2007


This month’s GGT spotlight is on Elle Denise, Chief Visionary Officer of Elle Sharp PR & Planning. I first met her on MySpace! Who knew! And she isn’t even crazy! LOL. Chile, you know how people change when they're online; they have different personas. Elle is down-to-earth and a great lady. She, along with SavvySocialite, collaborated with Girlfriends Get-Together on the first Washington D.C. Girlfriends Get-Together event. It was a blast! Since then we have kept in touch with the rising-star girlfriend.

Her company:
Elle Sharp PR & Planning

What she offers:
Public Relations, Event Planning, Marketing, Desktop Publishing, Virtual Assistant/Administrative tasks, and she even sells The Body Shop @ Home products.

We asked the DC/MD/NOVA based Chica a few questions, and here is what she had to say…

GGT: Are you living your dreams?
As each day passes, I find that I’m getting closer to achieving my dreams: success and happiness. Event Planning is FUN to me. It’s my passion.

GGT: Are your career goals in line with your personal goals?
Yes. They go hand-in-hand. If my personal goals are in tact, then my career goals will follow (and vice versa).

GGT: Has there been an event or person that has greatly influenced you to be the person you are today?
Elle: Various people (friends, family, clients and guests) and events have encouraged me to remain focused. It’s always nice to be an inspiration to someone. That gives me more inspiration. Overall, I enjoy working with children. They’re grateful, determined, honest and aware of the smallest details.

GGT:What advice can you give to other rising-star girlfriends?

o Take your own advice. Don’t second-guess yourself.
o Get a mentor (or 2).
o Pursue YOUR dreams.
o Less is more.
o Take a chance.
o Think outside the box. Be original! Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.
o Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people.
o Ignore “naysayers”: Optimism, IN! Pessimism, OUT!
o Network! Network! Network! Seek lasting connections.

GGT: Name some good books you’ve read.

o The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success As You Start, Build, or Manage a Business ~ Martha Stewart
o How to Start a Home-Based Event Planning Business ~ Jill S. Morgan

o The Five People You Meet in Heaven~Mitch Albom
o Child of God ~ Lolita Files
o PUSH ~ Sapphire
o The Warmest December ~ Benilde Little
o God Don’t Like Ugly ~ Mary Monroe

Until next time...

Be Seen at the Top!


Elle said...

Lady Bettina-Just knowthat your write-up brought tears to my eyes & thats not an easy feat... Thanks-so-much for your kind words, advice & votes of confidence. I look forward to the next DC GGT event!

Bettina said...

But of course. You are a wonderful person. GGT DC is in the works for March!

Anonymous said...

Bettina this is a great profile. She seems very insightful, i especially like her advice about pursuing your dreams.

Khalid Salaam said...

I didn't mean to type anonymous. I started typing too fast LOL.

SistaSocialite said...

I found out about elle on myspace as well. Crazy thing about it is, she gave me some good advice to inspire me to create my own event planning company. Kuddos to her! =]

Elle said...

Thank you, Sistasocialite...! said...

Great interview. Lovely site! Inspiration is everywhere you find it and I'm glad I stopped by. Happy New Year everyone:)

May you stay abundantly blessed.
Marcella Precise