Tuesday, April 24, 2007

GGT NYC Event: Real Nutrition, Real Simple

Ladies, we all know that 'you are what you eat.' But, are you where you want to be in terms of your health and wellness? Come join us for a 1-hour informal discussion on health and learn information that can actually save your life. The talk will be lead by Wellness Consultant, Aliya Purdy. We'll discuss the basics of nutrition and how critical it is for optimal well being. Certified Personal Trainer, Brian Thomas, will also be on hand offering advice and answering questions about fitness and its key role to better health.

Thursday, April 26th
2216 Frederick Douglas Blvd. #5-C
(8th Ave - btwn 119th & 120th St)
Let us know you are coming: rsvp2TME@gmail.com

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Vagina Power and Penis Power

As per two Girlfriends who passed it along to us, this is a very... interesting video. Alexyss K. Tyler breaks down the significance of women using sex to make decisions. So basically, don't get strung out. Good sex is not the end all and be all. We knew we just had to share. Your mother has been telling you this for years.

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Girlfriends Get-Together: D.C. Event

We invite you to...

Wednesday, April 25th

1847 Columbia Road NW– Adams Morgan
Washington, D.C.

*Business attire

To RSVP, dial (646) 246-6329 or email:
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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Gap is Haute

While walking down 42nd, coming from my accountant’s office, I stumbled upon a haute limited edition line at The Gap. Now, we know they mass-produce the hell out of everything, but the banner in the window had Vogue across the top and gorgeous models wearing these hot white shirts and glamorous long skirts. Me and about 10 other women were intrigued and bum-rushed the store. They had only been open for 5 minutes or so, but the clothes were flying off the racks.

Apparently, Gap partnered with CFDA and Vogue on a nation wide contest to flip the average white shirt. The CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund was established to help emerging American designers establish themselves in the business. Three finalists were chosen from the Gap produced nation wide contest. The winner received $200,000 and the two runners-up got $50,000. In addition, all receive mentoring from a panel of industry professionals whose expertise is tailored to each designer’s tastes and goals.

I bought two white poplin shirts. The first is a button front, elbow length puff sleeve blouse with a two ruffles along the waist. One ruffle positioned up and the other facing down and has a cute eyelet detail just above the ruffle. At the neck is an optional tie close that can be removed allowing the shirt to be simply buttoned close. It is by Asian male designer, Thakoon.

The winner of the competition, female designers Rodarte, designed the second shirt. Theirs an A-line tank with bows along the deep scoop neckline. It has empire seaming and a Picot trim at the bottom. Both are charming indeed. The other finalist was Asian female Doo.Ri. Her designs were a bit more simple and plain, but very appealing. I wanted to get more, but I just couldn’t go buying up the store. Not quite a big-willy just yet.

You can check your local Gap, but I believe they are only in New York… and only in Manhattan at that.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the REAL hot 100 Needs Your Vote!

Support our Girlfriend, Gwynn Cassidy. She is doing the damn thing through her innovative organziation, the REAL hot 100.

Last year, the REAL hot 100 celebrated the accomplishments of 100 women from around the country – all of whom are breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes and actively working to make the world a better place.

*Cast your vote in 3 easy steps -- in less than 5 minutes *

To vote:
1. Go to http://www.netsquared.org/user/register and create a new account (if you're already a member, simply login). You must be a registered NetSquared user to vote. They will NOT use your email for any other purposes and you can sign off whenever you'd like.

2. Check your email. In your inbox there will be an email from Net2@techsoup.org with the subject header "Account Details" that will include your account password.

3. Go to http://www.netsquared.org/projects/my-ballot and log into your account with your new password. After you have logged in, vote for the REAL hot 100 and at least 4 other projects.

** When should you vote? **
TODAY! Right now! Voting takes place from April 9th - April 14th.

** Why do we need to win? **
The annual REAL hot 100 list shows that young women are "hot" for reasons beyond looking good in a magazine. By featuring this list of young women from around the country doing incredible things in their every day lives, we're battling the popular notion that all young women have to offer is outward appearances. The annual list is just a first step. Through the REAL hot 100 network, nominees and winners can combine their resources, share strategies and join forces to further their social causes and to affect real change. With the financial and technical resources to create a fully functioning networking website, we can make the online network a reality.

** Want to learn more? **
Read the REAL hot 100's proposal at: http://www.netsquared.org/projects/proposals/real-hot-100 to learn more about the project and our plans for the 2.0 version of our website.

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Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Amos Winbush Showcase: The Journey Begins

This singer is one of our clients and the husband of Girlfriend Tiffany Johnson-Winbush!!

Please come support.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Doors Open: 8pm
Showcase begins: 8:45pm

Cafe Iguana
240 W. 54th Street
(West of Broadway)

Cost: $15

About the singer:
Amos Winbush, III is a naturally gifted vocalist and songwriter. YES, we’re sure you’ve heard this before about many different songsters, but what he brings to the table is southern hospitality and musical innovation wrapped in robust vocal ability. He has garnered the attention of music rainmakers and has been noted as the latest edition in a musical dynasty. He is bringing good quality music back. His career has been greatly influenced by his cousin, multi-platinum producer/singer/songwriter Angela’ Winbush. With his youth and a humble demeanor, Amos proves that he will stick around for a few sets.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Friendships Promote Long Life

Lifted from WebMD, this article agrees with the GGT view of friendship and the importance of having Girlfriends.
In the study, researchers analyzed data collected from the Australian Longitudinal Study of Aging, which began in 1992.

At the start of the study, nearly 1,500 people over 70 were asked how much personal and phone contact they had with various social networks, including children, relatives, friends, and other confidants (including spouses). The group was monitored yearly for the first four years of the study and then about every three years.

After 10 years of follow-up, researchers found close contact with children and relatives had little impact on the risk of death. But a strong network of friends and confidants significantly reduced the risk of death during the follow-up period.

For example, those older adults with the strongest network of friends were 22% less likely to die during the study than those with the weakest network of good friendships.

Researchers say friends may exert a healthy influence on potentially risky behaviors like smoking and drinking, as well as have important effects on mood, self-esteem, and coping in times of difficulty.

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