Wednesday, April 11, 2007

the REAL hot 100 Needs Your Vote!

Support our Girlfriend, Gwynn Cassidy. She is doing the damn thing through her innovative organziation, the REAL hot 100.

Last year, the REAL hot 100 celebrated the accomplishments of 100 women from around the country – all of whom are breaking barriers, fighting stereotypes and actively working to make the world a better place.

*Cast your vote in 3 easy steps -- in less than 5 minutes *

To vote:
1. Go to and create a new account (if you're already a member, simply login). You must be a registered NetSquared user to vote. They will NOT use your email for any other purposes and you can sign off whenever you'd like.

2. Check your email. In your inbox there will be an email from with the subject header "Account Details" that will include your account password.

3. Go to and log into your account with your new password. After you have logged in, vote for the REAL hot 100 and at least 4 other projects.

** When should you vote? **
TODAY! Right now! Voting takes place from April 9th - April 14th.

** Why do we need to win? **
The annual REAL hot 100 list shows that young women are "hot" for reasons beyond looking good in a magazine. By featuring this list of young women from around the country doing incredible things in their every day lives, we're battling the popular notion that all young women have to offer is outward appearances. The annual list is just a first step. Through the REAL hot 100 network, nominees and winners can combine their resources, share strategies and join forces to further their social causes and to affect real change. With the financial and technical resources to create a fully functioning networking website, we can make the online network a reality.

** Want to learn more? **
Read the REAL hot 100's proposal at: to learn more about the project and our plans for the 2.0 version of our website.

Until next time...
Be Seen at the Top!


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