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Please, oh please. Tell us what you think about this. Even the historically black Howard University doesn't allow their business students to wear locks. I personally rock ruff-and-stuff with my afro puffs, but then again, I work in a 'more relaxed' atomsphere. It's interesting that the more artsy-fartsy and creative your work environment, the more you can 'get away with'. As if you aren't conducting real business. 'Oh, go ahead and let them be free.' It usally is the art department or the fashion department who have the liberties and as soon as you have to visit somone in payroll or accounting (Oh, gosh, and if you need help with your computer!) you tend to rethink why you rocked your 'I Love Beeing Brown' t-shirt, Rock & Republic lowrise jeans and cute new Uggs to work. And this is all being thought about in a relaxed environment. Forget a law firm or financial institution; you'd better be booted-n-suited. The article below was taken from The National Law Journal. This isn't new, but it somehow remains an issue. Hmm...


Cleary Gottlieb has a bad hair day
Talk about a Glamour don't.

Vivia Chen/The American Lawyer August 27, 2007

It seemed like a nice frothy summer treat for some hardworking gals at a hard-driving law firm. Instead of hosting another earnest discussion about client cultivation and leadership, the women lawyers group at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton invited an editor from Glamour magazine. The topic: the dos and don'ts of corporate fashion.

First slide up: an African-American woman sporting an Afro. A real no-no, announced the Glamour editor to the 40 or so lawyers in the room. As for dreadlocks: How truly dreadful! The style maven said it was "shocking" that some people still think it "appropriate" to wear those hairstyles at the office. "No offense," she sniffed, but those "political" hairstyles really have to go.

By the time the lights flicked back on, some Cleary lawyers -- particularly the 10 or so African-American women in attendance -- were in a state of disbelief. "It was like she was saying you shouldn't go out with your natural hair, and if you do, you're making a political statement," says one African-American associate. "It showed a general cluelessness about black women and their hair."

The episode also produced a "mixed reaction" along racial lines, says this associate. "Some [whites] didn't understand what the big deal was ... but all the black associates saw the controversy."

Cleary Gottlieb's managing partner, Mark Walker, who heard about the incident from some of the attendees, also saw trouble. Soon after the event, Walker issued an e-mail that denounced the hair commentary as "racially insensitive, inappropriate, and wrong." Calling the beauty advice "appalling," Walker says, "You don't tell people that their physical appearance is unacceptable, when certain characteristics are associated with a racial group." He asks, "What's the alternative? Straighten or bleach your hair?"

As for the identity of the editor, neither Cleary Gottlieb nor Condé Nast Publications Inc. (publisher of Glamour) would say. Indeed, almost all of the half-dozen Glamour editors contacted for this story professed not to have ever set foot in a law firm. "Cleary what?" asked several.

And Walker says he has no idea whether the editor who sparked all this controversy is a well-known fashionista. Not that Walker would know, even if Anna Wintour herself crossed his path. "Who is she?" Walker asks. "I really don't know people in the fashion industry." (If you have to ask, she's the editor of Vogue.)

So did the Glamour editor realize how many feathers she ruffled? Walker says that the speaker was "spoken to by one of the women partners" and that she sent an e-mail apology. "I assume she was oblivious; I doubt she's racist," says Walker. "She wasn't thinking and said something hare-brained."

Or is that hair-brained?

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Our Girlfriend Amy DuBois Barnett, has a book coming out this fall. Amy was the Editor-in-Chief of Honey magazine before moving over to Teen People as the Managing Editor. She's now at Harper's Bazaar. We love to support so here is the scoop on the book, compliment of publicist, Nancy Hirsch. Can't wait until the book drops! Email us and we'll put you on the mailing list for her book tour.

By Amy DuBois Barnett

"Do you worry about what it means to be successful and happy? Are you looking for the confidence and faith to live your dreams? I hope to inspire you to discover your true passions, to let go of any fear you have, and to make every single day of your life count!"

YOU EVER DREAMED OF AND MORE, Amy DuBois Barnett, the Deputy Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar, shows you how to achieve your wildest dreams…today, this year and for the rest of your life! With humor and honesty, Amy shares her own story of transformation from insecure people-pleaser to strong, independent woman. She reveals the personal philosophy that allowed her to look and feel fabulous, find love and achieve history-making professional success.

Amy’s book also features an impressive list of exclusive interviews, including Gayle King, Venus Williams, Sanaa Lathan, Mo’Nique, Gabrielle Union, Hill Harper, Sarah Jones, Kelly Rowland, Mellody Hobson, Kelis and India.Arie.

Weaving together intimate anecdotes, exclusive celebrity interviews, thought-provoking quizzes, and brilliant-but-basic tips, tricks and tools, Amy gives you the insight and encouragement to:

  • Identify and pursue your true passions.
  • Let go of any negativity that’s holding you back.
  • Find the man of your dreams—and build a lasting relationship.
  • Achieve your professional goals and accumulate real wealth.
  • Get the body you’ve always wanted.
  • Develop your personal style and nurture your creative talents.
  • Form unbreakable bonds with your family, your friends and your higher power.
  • Enjoy life and make every day count!

GET YOURS is a powerful guide that gives all women the tools they need to discover their passion, create their purpose and live and adventurous and fulfilling lives.

About the Author
An award-winning journalist, fiction writer and television commentator, AMY DuBOIS BARNETT is currently the Deputy Editor in Chief of Harper’s Bazaar. As the former Managing Editor of Teen People, Amy became the first African-American woman in the country to head a major mainstream magazine. Before that, she was the Editor-in-Chief and driving force behind Honey magazine. Amy has also been a weekly pop-culture commentator on CNN’s American Morning, a regular panelist on NPR’s News and Notes and has been featured on numerous national television shows including The Today Show, Good Morning America and The Early Show. She continues to make frequent television and radio appearances as an expert on social issues, pop culture and professional development. In addition, she is an active board member of Girls Inc. of New York, and a motivational speaker at educational and professional organizations across the country. Amy received her B.A. from Brown University and an M.F.A. in creative writing from Columbia University.

For more information or to schedule an interview with the author, please contact the Nancy Hirsch Group at 212-967-3805

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Sunday, August 26, 2007


I first learned of the new line last week and then decided to go online and check it out. From the image we first received (inserted to the right) I thought the line would be dark and juicy... putting my mind set in the fabulous fall fashions and colours. Delicious berries, deep mauves, sexy sages and rich taupes. But no. After all the tedious clicking thru their site just to get to the makeup section, I was disappointed to see all the light pink and green flavors. That put me back into a Spring mindset. Well, yes. At a second look, the lip palette does have light colours; but the general image led me to think darker. As wonderful as Chanel is, they are bound to drop something scrumptious later on in the season. I guess we'll just have to wait.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007


What do you call when you pair fabulous shoes, gorgeous purses, and lots of wine and Hors D’oeuvres? You call it Girlfriends Get-Together on Sunday, August 19 2007!! Held at the new luxury shoetique called Head Over Heels located at St. Nicholas Ave & 124th St in Harlem, this new boutique will give Harlemites a chance to revamp their shoe wardrobe into something seriously magnificent! Don’t be alarmed Brooklynites, there’s plenty of shoes to go around. For those who don’t want to travel uptown can visit the location at 366 Myrtle Avenue. We definitely had a fierce time trying on shoes and indulging in lots of wine. My faves were a pair of animal print mohair Courtney Crawford stilettos that were to die for!! And I definitely won’t forget to mention the purses! Head Over Heels features Marie Elanne purses and when I tell you they are beautiful, trust me! Owner and designer Allison ‘Marie Elanne’ Harding was lovely enough to grace us with her presence. Her purses are “Glam Bags for Glam Gals that Are Adorable and Affordable”. I had my eye on quite a few! Allison’s bags can be purchased by visiting her web site at or by calling (914) 837-4897. You won’t be disappointed!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


N's co-owner and our Girlfriend Nikoa Evans & her fashionable crew are doing it up at the luxury boutique this Sunday. Come chilax on their patio and partake in an artsy environment. They will be featuring the work of Nathaniel Mary Quinn.

Here is how they describe him:

" Mr. Quinn's compelling art deals with the synthesis of
the masculine/feminine
and identity transformation. Issues are
investigated through oil pastel paintings on canvas, mixed media drawings on paper, and cardboard comic-strip constructions."
Well, it sounds like this is sure to be a sensory pleasing event.


114 West 116th & Lenox Ave.

Sunday, Aug. 26

2-5 Exhibition on the patio

RSVP: (212) 961-1036

Tell them you read it here!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Networking in the Industry

You know the saying “It’s all in who you know”? This might sound so cliché but a lot of times it’s really like that when trying to get into the fashion industry. I know I’ve gotten a few jobs because I may have met a person at a party and we both had something in common and starting chatting up a storm. Heck, I once got a gig working for a magazine because someone remembered that I lived in New Jersey at the time. Don’t get me wrong, the Bachelor’s & Masters degrees are wonderful, but in this industry, sometimes you just have to get in where you fit in. When I went to the Fashion Institute of Technology, I was introduced to a book by Crystal Wright called “The Hair, Makeup & Styling Career Guide”. The book gives lots of insight on becoming a fashion stylist or hair and makeup artist. She even has a website that’s oh so resourceful! It’s The website has a forum that allows you to talk to other fashionistas in the making. You can hook up with other makeup artists, hair stylists, or fashion stylists and form a team to build your portfolios.

Speaking of portfolios, Crystal does a workshop twice a year that talks about successfully building your portfolio.
Here’s a little preview of some portfolio Do’s and Don’ts:

Do: Place several promo cards and labels in your book at all times.
Don’t: Chop up your prints to create [what you think is] an artsy presentation.

I find that carrying something with me at all times can be very useful (even if its just my business card). You’d be amazed at some of the places that you can come across an networking anopportunity to discuss your future job!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007


You and a girlfriend are cordially invited to attend

Girlfriends Get-Together:
Wine, Shoes & Shopping

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Head Over Heels
270 St. Nicholas Avenue @ 124th Street

Cost: Complimentary
$5 suggested donation to benefit the non-profit Fashion Delivers

Join us for sparkling wine, light hors d ‘oeuvres, killer shoes and fabulous handbags as we launch a luxury shoetique in the heart of Harlem!

RSVP by Aug. 18th to Justonee at:
For more information, call (646) 246-6329
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Friday, August 10, 2007

Avoiding fashion disasters

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway...
With that being said, we're all entitled to a little fashion independence, right? Everyone wants to show creativity while still looking stylish. Well, it can be easy to go from honing your own, to just being a fashion don't. Now we all know the basics, right?

*The exposed thong is not your friend.
*Everyone should own at least 1 strapless bra.
*Your jeans should not be so tight that it looks like you poured yourself into them.
*Don't be afraid to stick with 1 basic look and work around it. Remember, accessorize!!
*Always make sure that your top is shorter than your bottom. Always!!

Sometimes there's just that fine line that you definitely don't want to cross. Now while we all like to stand out a little, we certainly don't want to be caught out there on the last page of Glamour magazine with a big black bar over our face. The key to keeping your own look, yet still avoiding a disastrous situation is to make sure everything fits well and accentuates the positives. If you're small, the tailor can be your best friend; or the petites section. And well, if you're a thick girl, own it; just be sure to appropriately select the size that's right for you. I've learned from experience not to always look at the size label and just try the darn thing on! I was in Target last year (this store is one of my faves, by the way) and picked up two pairs of pants. Well, let me just say, 1 pair was a size 7 and anyone who knows me knows that I'm no 7! I tried them on, they fit, and anything smaller would have definitely been a fashion no-no..
These days, you'd have to practically leave the house with dirty clothes on (which by the way, is so not sexy) to commit the most heinous fashion sin. Just remember, never be afraid to express yourself, but when in doubt, take 1 more walk up to that full length mirror and work it out..
::In my Rupaul voice, You betta wooork!!::

Bonus: Spanx. Let's discuss.. I recently did a survey on what people thought of them and 36% of people polled didn't even know what they were. Go figure! 21% use them and love them, 15% have used them, but don't know what all the hype is about, 28% just arent interested in them. Well, for those who still dont know, Spanx are almost like wearing a slip under your clothes, except it's half slip, half girdle. It creates a more polished appearance and also works like a subtle girdle, but it's lighter and breathes more so it doesn't make you extra hot beneath it. While it doesn't hold as much as a traditional girdle, word is, it holds enough.. Hey, that would certainly prevent a fashion disaster!!

Next up: Networking into the industry

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Friday, August 3, 2007


So we all read the magazine articles about finding things for a "steal", right? Only to peruse thru the magazine thinking "Good grief! Where do these people work?! That's a steal?!" I know plenty of times I've had to resort to searching high and low looking for a cheaper version of the "steal". That's why there's no shame in my game when it comes to buying clothes that I can rock stylishly, yet not have to resort to spending my rent money on the latest trend. Target has recently partnered with the design duo called Libertine. Here's how it works: Johnson Hartig is one half of the duo. He's based out of LA and finds vintage pieces to re-cut and reassemble. Then he sends them to NY to his partner Cindy Greene who then silk screens images on them. Karl Lagerfeld wears it regularly! (Not to mention Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Pitt) And what's so great? The cheapest price point is $12.99! Hey, if Karl and Gwyneth can wear it and still look good, I'm all for it!!

{Pictured above: Dress "Laundry by Shelli Segal" Regular price $245, sale price $97.90 from}

Now, let me give a brief testimonial to this web site that I once stumbled upon. is my new best friend! (Well, not really, her name is Dawn, but you get the point.) Shop it to me is a site that you customize to your liking. You let them know your size, favorite designers, and price points. And like clockwork, I get my sale notification every Thursday telling me about designers from Diane Von Furstenberg and Vera Wang to Gap. The sales are serious!! And what's best is that YOU customize the prices, so you'll never get any outrage sale prices that you can't afford. Hey, I have no problem wearing something that's considered last season. Shoot, if it fits and it’s fabulous, it’s for me.

Here’s a little bonus for you New Yorkers: There’s this place in the East Village called The Hanger Bar & Boutique. Come in for a cocktail or a wardrobe, whatever you fancy. It’s a bar that doubles as a vintage shop! Get this, happy hour is from 2-9 p.m. and the prices range from $10 to $25!! How’s that for style on a budget?!

Personally, whenever I have doubts, I throw on a pair of jeans, a white tank, and accessories for days..

Next up: Avoiding fashion disasters

Until next time..

One should never enter a room and expect ambiance; One should enter a room and become it.


Thursday, August 2, 2007


So Common's album, Finding Forever, dropped on Tuesday and it is awesome! Just as good as the last one, Be. We heard a few tracks before the actual release so we've been anticipating it.

Last night was the release party in New York. It was held at the sometimes stank (doorman was trippin on folks) Marquee. I had the pleasure of rolling with my dentist (she is also Common's and orthodonist to the stars) Dr. Catrise Austin of VIP Smiles and Dr. Erika Faust (worked on perfecting his straight smile (using discretion as to exactly what method she used) and she also an orthodonist to the stars).

It was hot as hades outside but once we got in we sauntered over to VIP and claimed our spot. Common came in about about an hour after we arrived. OH!! He looked good. Makes you just want to exhale, but slow and deep. Like a tall glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot ass summer day. He doesn’t know it, but he is my babies’ daddy in my mind. Catrise went over to say hello and then let the mob descend upon him. It was an understandable mess. Didn’t get a chance to peep his shoes, but he had on a hat (as usual) a white printed tee and a vest. From the way he was bobing and weaving, he had been blowing through the trees.

Anywhoo, all seemed to have a great time. The music was decent at first and then it picked up later in the night. Q-Tip was on the wheels of steel and he was holding it down. But as usual, the crowd was industry so people didn’t really dance. I didn’t let that hold me back, I boogied on down. Ahhh, Girlfriends… enjoy life and dance whenever you can.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Hello Girlfriends,

In celebration of their 5th successful year, Brides Noir Magazine is giving away a wedding package with Jamaica as the backdrop. The package includes: a wedding gown designed by Ines Di Santo, a 5-day/4night all-inclusive stay for 2 at your choice of one of the many Sandals Resorts, airfare for 2 via Air Jamaica and you will be featured in the magazine! This is like a $7,500 value.

Good luck!

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