Friday, August 10, 2007

Avoiding fashion disasters

Every day is a fashion show and the world is your runway...
With that being said, we're all entitled to a little fashion independence, right? Everyone wants to show creativity while still looking stylish. Well, it can be easy to go from honing your own, to just being a fashion don't. Now we all know the basics, right?

*The exposed thong is not your friend.
*Everyone should own at least 1 strapless bra.
*Your jeans should not be so tight that it looks like you poured yourself into them.
*Don't be afraid to stick with 1 basic look and work around it. Remember, accessorize!!
*Always make sure that your top is shorter than your bottom. Always!!

Sometimes there's just that fine line that you definitely don't want to cross. Now while we all like to stand out a little, we certainly don't want to be caught out there on the last page of Glamour magazine with a big black bar over our face. The key to keeping your own look, yet still avoiding a disastrous situation is to make sure everything fits well and accentuates the positives. If you're small, the tailor can be your best friend; or the petites section. And well, if you're a thick girl, own it; just be sure to appropriately select the size that's right for you. I've learned from experience not to always look at the size label and just try the darn thing on! I was in Target last year (this store is one of my faves, by the way) and picked up two pairs of pants. Well, let me just say, 1 pair was a size 7 and anyone who knows me knows that I'm no 7! I tried them on, they fit, and anything smaller would have definitely been a fashion no-no..
These days, you'd have to practically leave the house with dirty clothes on (which by the way, is so not sexy) to commit the most heinous fashion sin. Just remember, never be afraid to express yourself, but when in doubt, take 1 more walk up to that full length mirror and work it out..
::In my Rupaul voice, You betta wooork!!::

Bonus: Spanx. Let's discuss.. I recently did a survey on what people thought of them and 36% of people polled didn't even know what they were. Go figure! 21% use them and love them, 15% have used them, but don't know what all the hype is about, 28% just arent interested in them. Well, for those who still dont know, Spanx are almost like wearing a slip under your clothes, except it's half slip, half girdle. It creates a more polished appearance and also works like a subtle girdle, but it's lighter and breathes more so it doesn't make you extra hot beneath it. While it doesn't hold as much as a traditional girdle, word is, it holds enough.. Hey, that would certainly prevent a fashion disaster!!

Next up: Networking into the industry

Until next time:

One should never enter a room and expect ambiance; One should enter a room and become it..


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Anonymous said...

Toni i know this is a women's advice site but do you have any clothes advice for men? (Not for me just in general. I'm good, I mean you've seen me! LOL!!)