Thursday, August 2, 2007


So Common's album, Finding Forever, dropped on Tuesday and it is awesome! Just as good as the last one, Be. We heard a few tracks before the actual release so we've been anticipating it.

Last night was the release party in New York. It was held at the sometimes stank (doorman was trippin on folks) Marquee. I had the pleasure of rolling with my dentist (she is also Common's and orthodonist to the stars) Dr. Catrise Austin of VIP Smiles and Dr. Erika Faust (worked on perfecting his straight smile (using discretion as to exactly what method she used) and she also an orthodonist to the stars).

It was hot as hades outside but once we got in we sauntered over to VIP and claimed our spot. Common came in about about an hour after we arrived. OH!! He looked good. Makes you just want to exhale, but slow and deep. Like a tall glass of ice cold lemonade on a hot ass summer day. He doesn’t know it, but he is my babies’ daddy in my mind. Catrise went over to say hello and then let the mob descend upon him. It was an understandable mess. Didn’t get a chance to peep his shoes, but he had on a hat (as usual) a white printed tee and a vest. From the way he was bobing and weaving, he had been blowing through the trees.

Anywhoo, all seemed to have a great time. The music was decent at first and then it picked up later in the night. Q-Tip was on the wheels of steel and he was holding it down. But as usual, the crowd was industry so people didn’t really dance. I didn’t let that hold me back, I boogied on down. Ahhh, Girlfriends… enjoy life and dance whenever you can.

Until next time…

Be Seen at the Top!


Anonymous said...

I agree the music got better as the night went on but overall it was a good event. You looked nice last night. I looked in your direction but you didn't see me.


Erika said...

yes girl he is indeed stunning! he's nice inside and out:-)we must do it again, i hadn't been out in a minute, and i had a good time.

Bettina said...

We must. It is always nice to associate yourself with pleasant people. Especially when the vibe is right. Keeping on working it Mama, because you are great! And you will surely be seen at the top!

Anonymous said...

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