Thursday, April 24, 2008


Now ladies, I’m sure we’ve all thought about the notion of having a loose coochie at some point in time. NO ONE ever wants that! Oh gosh, that would be terrible. Well, unless it’s almost time to push out Junior and by the looks of his big-headed daddy, you think you may need a dollop of Crisco to help get the job done.

Since I've always been athletic, I've never really thought about it being an issue. I mean, I’ve ran, danced etc. and always maintained a fairly tight physic. I must admit that in my paranoia, I would do kegels and extra situps sometimes to ‘maintain my youth’. But in reality... why? Can you believe that women get surgery to recreate a virgin like vagina? Chile, puh-leeease!!

Hey, as we are getting to be young ladies of a certain age, some of us are having children, and for health concerns, there are more reasons (other than keeping your man happy) to keep your coochie tight.

As per one of my fav sites, WebMD, here is a good article as to why one should do kegels and the benefits of doing so.


Kegel exercises are one of the most effective ways of controlling urinary incontinence naturally.

Any woman who's had a baby has likely heard: remember your Kegels! The physician who invented these pelvic floor muscle exercises, Arnold Kegel, MD, first recommended them to his women patients who had just given birth and were leaking urine.

But Kegel exercises can help most women with urinary incontinence, regardless of cause or age. Kegel exercises aim to correct an underlying cause of urinary incontinence: the weakened pelvic floor muscles that can occur after childbirth or in overweight people. When the pelvic floor muscles are weak, urine can leak, especially if you have a form of urinary incontinence called stress incontinence. This is the type in which you leak urine when you laugh, cough, sneeze, or are engaged in physical activities such as jogging or sex. The value of improving urinary incontinence with Kegel exercises is now widely accepted.

Here's what you need to know:

Who can benefit from Kegel exercises? Anyone, at any age, who suffers urinary incontinence or leaks urine. While the exercise mainly helps those with stress urinary incontinence, it can also help those with another common type, urge incontinence, also called overactive bladder. With urge incontinence, you have a sudden urge to urinate and don't always make it to the bathroom. Men with urinary incontinence problems can do Kegel exercises, too.

How are Kegel exercises done? To exercise the pelvic floor muscle, pretend you are trying to stop the flow of urine. Pull in and squeeze those muscles. Hold the squeeze for about 10 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Try for three or four sets of 10 contractions every day.

How do Kegel exercises help? Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, an underlying cause of urinary stress incontinence. When these muscles are weak, it can cause you to leak urine.

When should I expect to see results from my Kegels? Just as it takes time to build your biceps and strengthen any other muscles, it takes time to strengthen muscles in the pelvic floor. Give the Kegel exercises six or even 12 weeks to work. And remember you must keep doing them, and you should do them daily. When and where should I do Kegel exercises? The beauty of Kegels is that you can really do them just about anywhere, anytime. No one would know unless you tell them what you are doing. Try doing a few sets of Kegels when you are in your car, sitting at your desk, or watching TV. To be sure you are doing Kegels correctly, ask your doctor or the nurse to describe or demonstrate the proper form.

Do I need any equipment for Kegel exercises? Not for doing Kegels alone. But some doctors suggest you also use weighted cones as you do Kegel exercises. The idea is to insert these vaginal cones, available in various weights, and perform the Kegel exercises with the cones in place. You gradually increase the weight of the cone you insert. Sometimes, Kegel exercises are used in combination with biofeedback, a monitoring system that helps you gain control over bodily processes such as urinary control. And sometimes Kegels are done in combination with electrical stimulation, in which very brief doses stimulate muscles in the area. But you can choose to do Kegel exercises by themselves, with no equipment.

Are there any other benefits to Kegel exercises? Actually, yes. Kegel exercises aren't just good for improving urinary incontinence. the stronger your pelvic floor muscles, the more sexual pleasure you can expect. That was an accidental "side effect" discovered by Kegel. He heard back from his patients about these sexual benefits. The pelvic floor muscles contract more strongly during orgasm once they are strengthened.

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Friday, April 18, 2008


As per the chicas at Natural Solutions, here are useful tips for the use of vinegar...

Make Mine Vinegarade
Good news for dieters—now there’s a simple drink that can make you eat less and control your sugar cravings. And chances are you have some in your cupboard already. A recent study from Lund University in Sweden shows that using more vinegar to season your food or even drinking vinegar mixed in water with a meal reduces the body’s insulin response during digestion, which is important for tempering sugar cravings and avoiding weight gain. The subjects of the study fasted overnight and ate white bread along with a glass of water containing varying amounts of vinegar. Those who drank the most vinegar (about 2 to 3 tablespoons) had glucose and insulin responses about 25 percent lower 90 minutes after the meal and felt more full than those who didn’t consume any vinegar with their meal. —Sarah Forbes Keough
© 1999-2008 Natural Solutions: Vibrant Health, Balanced Living/Alternative Medicine/InnoVision Health Media

Another good use for vinegar:
If you have heartburn, take a tablespoon (or about 1/2 a shot) of it and it will make your heartburn disappear. Who knew?! It burns like hell going down, but it feels like it's burning the heartburn away. Chile, it's true!

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Friday, April 11, 2008

NYC - Almost Free Manicures

Hey Chicas,

We came across this coupon for $.88 cent manicures. And it's a REAL DEAL. The catch is that it's only for one day and only in NYC. Orchid Garden Spa is on the LES. is a cute little website too. Girlfriends always like a hook-up. :*)

Ahhh, just in time for Spring! Now you really don't have an excuse as to why you can't tip the mani/pedi lady!

NYC coupon

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Fashion Frenzey TV Begins Their Global Launch Tour

Philadelphia, PA - Wednesday, May 14th, 2008 - Philadelphia and Saks Fifth Avenue hosts the inaugural launch event for Fashion Frenzey TV. Fashion Frenzey TV (FFTV) is launching their technologically fashionable "what's hot" web-based television station in select cities around the globe. Fashion Frenzey TV (FFTV) is an online fashion and lifestyle television show that features high fashions from around the globe. This media platform introduces consumers to the most savvy and celebrated designers from around the world. Celebrity interviews, fashion on the red carpet, exquisite destinations and front row seats to international fashion shows make this show a media success.

On May 14th, Saks Fifth Avenue on East City Boulevard, will host the socialites, fashion lovers and celebrity filled FFTV launch from 6pm until 10pm. Mini-massages and facials, online access stations to experience FFTV first-hand and socially slip into the night sipping on fine wine and enjoying hors d'ouvres created from international cuisine destination cities such as Cuba, Italy, Japan and France to name a few.

This event's Red Carpet will glow with the "Who's Who " in the fashion and lifestyle industry including Piper Carter from the hit Reality Show "The Shot", Miss New York, your favorite Athletes, Celebrities and World Renowned Hair Artists: Antonio Santiago & Adrian Persaud. Before entering this extravaganza you will have a sneak peak at 2 of the hottest 2008 Maserati's on the market . Get ready for this event to be a great ride! Remember to arrive early to receive your swag gift bag. Locks of Love Charity Organization will be on location collecting hair as the gang from Sistema Santiago performs some jaw-dropping chops; one person will even get made over by both Sistema Santiago stylists at the same time.

Those who want to experience FFTV immediately are going to be in the Geek Squad Laptop Lounge sponsored by Best Buy to log on to FFTV and interact on the website. Technologically challenged? Fear NOT! The models from "Beauty and The Geek" will be more than happy to help you navigate your way through the web of fashion and artistic culture without flaw. Upon the ten o'clock hour, the event will sizzle into a hot after-party in Rittenhouse Square.

About Locks of Love - Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. We meet a unique need for children by using donated hair to create the highest quality hair prosthetics. Most of the children helped by Locks of Love have lost their hair due to a medical condition called alopecia areata, which has no known cause or cure. The prostheses we provide help to restore their self-esteem and their confidence, enabling them to face the world and their peers.


For more information about Fashion Frenzey TV and this event, please contact Veniece Newton at 215.888.9966 or email

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Friday, April 4, 2008

Sip. Shop. Eat. Girlsbite OUT 2008

Girlfriends Get-Together
is proud to sponsor

Girlsbite OUT
Shop. Eat. Sip
taste the life...

Thursday, April 17

Westside Loft
336 W. 37 Street, 11th Floor
New York City

For tickets or more information on the event, visit:

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hot little shop in Brooklyn comes to DC...

Harriet's Alter Ego will be in DC in the Eckington area @ Muse Annex this weekend, hosting an event called DC PoP. The event is a nod to what is truly fun about shopping, exclusive deals, personal attention and of course great one of a kind finds. DC PoP brings Harriet’s Alter Ego to Washington DC to showcase their Spring collection of flirty skirts, colorful dresses and funky accessories. Stylish patrons can shop and sample wine and appetizers, while chatting with the ladies behind the Harriet’s Alter Ego brand. Attendees will also enjoy a free gift with their purchase.

Saturday, April 5

Sunday, April 6
Noon - 5PM

1824 Third Street @ the corner of Seaton Place, NE

Free gift with purchase (while supplies last)

Complimentary Wine & Appetizers

RSVP to:

Shout out to Ngozi Odita. We see you, Girlfriend!!

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