Friday, May 30, 2008

GGT Career Corner: Baby Phat job postings

Our sources say Kimora is a great person to work with. We have never worked with her and therefore, couldn't tell you ourselves. Jobs #1 and #2 are with the Phat Fashion division (Phat Farm, Baby Phat brands); Job #3 is working with Kimora's new holding company.

A multi-billion dollar global brand apparel company is seeking a well-experienced and results-oriented Senior Vice President of Marketing for its $800+ million pop culture-oriented lifestyle fashion division.

• Lead global sales and marketing efforts with a strong branding and ROI focus.
• Manage branding, marketing, public relations, advertising, licensing compliance, international development and retail development.
• Manage communication and relationships with domestic and international production companies, vendors, and the media (including national and regional fashion and lifestyle press).
• Develop and manage budgets.

Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or Business Administration (a Master’s degree is a plus). 10+ years of Marketing and Public Relations experience with both men’s and women’s luxury brands. Strong leadership, organizational, strategic, collaborative and creative problem-solving skills. Experience with executing fashion show executions is a plus. Must currently reside within the New York City area. Well qualified and interested Applicants only. Please email your desired position, resume and salary requirement ASAP to: No telephone inquiries please.

A multi-billion dollar global brand apparel company is seeking an experienced and results-oriented Director of Public Relations for its $800+ million pop culture-oriented lifestyle fashion division.

• Develop and execute creative strategies that build brand recognition through proactive press execution, attention-grabbing events, marketing and promotional programs.
• Manage all media queries and maintain strong relationships with publication editors in order to obtain product placement.
• Partner with creative agencies to develop creative, innovative concepts, sponsorships and promotions; and seek new promotional partners and innovative mediums to enhance brand images.
• Generate all press releases on collections and new developments.
• Coordinate store openings, special events and product launches.

QUALIFICATIONS:Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, or Business Administration. 5+ years of Marketing and Public Relations experience with both men’s and women’s luxury brands. Strong communication, project management, creative problem-solving and collaborative skills. Experience with executing fashion show executions is a plus. Must currently reside within the New York City area. Well qualified and interested Applicants only. Please email your desired position, resume and salary requirement ASAP to No telephone inquiries please.

A leading fashion apparel icon and television celebrity is seeking an entrepreneurial Chief Operating Officer for a newly-created start-up company.

Establish new corporate identify and infrastructure Manage and negotiate all deals and related legal contracts and strategic partners Provide budget and financial management and accounting oversight Oversee general administration and human resources, branding/marketing/ promotions, risk management and technology and web-based assets. Manage the company’s overall profitability

An experienced Attorney in product licensing and contracts (apparel industry is a plus) Solid experience in financial management and/or accounting A passion for working in an entrepreneurial start-up environment Strong contract/legal, financial, operational, organizational and communication skills A combination of degrees and certifications -- J.D./MBA or J.D./CPA -- is a requirement. Must currently reside within the New York City area. Well qualified and interested Applicants only.

Please email your desired position, resume and salary requirement ASAP to No telephone inquiries please.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Workshop Series for The Arts Industry

As you know, we are BIG on mentoring (getting advice as well as giving it). So when our Girlfriend Thysha Shabazz of Shabazz Communications

Leading Media, Arts & Entertainment InsidersLaunch Professional Development Workshop Series
Arts and Activism Company Announce Career Building Series

New York City - - AKILA WORKSONGS, Inc., in partnership with CJAM Consulting, will launch a series of media, arts, and entertainment professional development workshops designed to inform and empower budding entrepreneurs, employees-in-transition, and current professionals in the arts industry. Local and nationally respected experts from the public relations and marketing fields, as well as the business, legal, and arts management fields will share their tips of the trade over the course of five workshops this year. The first workshop in the series is "Media and Public Relations for the Arts" and will take place Wednesday, May 28, 2008 at MoCADA (Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, Inc.) from 6 - 9 pm (the first hour includes on-site registration and a light reception). MoCADA, a co-sponsor of the series, is located at 80 Hanson Place, downtown Brooklyn, NY. Other workshops on arts industry topics will take place in July, September, and November 2008. Pre-registration is $45 (scholarships are available) and on-site registration is $50. For directions, please visit For general information, please contact AKILA WORKSONGS at 718.756.8501 or To register, please go to or call 866.388.4TIX (4849).

Last year, AKILA WORKSONGS Founder and President, April R. Silver, envisioned professional gatherings that would both serve as a part of its 15th Anniversary Signature Events, as well as provide a platform for her distinguished clients and colleagues to share their expertise to up-and-coming arts leaders.

"Over the past 15 years the company has been inundated with requests for information on how to get started in PR or consulting or in the performance arts business”, Silver recalls. All independents, be they artists or entrepreneurs, want to know what they can do to get to the next level. I felt it was time to gather the professionals in my circle, create a space for real live, face-to-face human interaction with top-notch experts, and do it in a way that rivals cold, convention-like settings.

The workshops will cater to participants in a way that is not possible via the Internet or at mass conferences. Registration fees, for example, reflect a sensitivity and commitment to arts lovers, independents, and new entrepreneurs. In order to reach as wide an audience as possible, the presenters will sponsor a number of scholarships to individuals who need only request financial support. The deadline to request a scholarship for the first workshop is May 21 (see contact above) -
Blee's bad for passing the info along a bit late, but get your grind on and see if they are still available.

Besides shaping the series (see descriptions below), Silver also identified a management company to help present and produce the workshops.For a few years now, Candace Jackson and I have been hearing about each other work from mutual friends and clients, says Silver. When we finally connected, I was blown away by her knowledge of arts management and her keen professionalism. Her guidance on this project makes all the difference and thrilled that CJAM Consulting is partnered with us.


Media and Public Relations for the Arts
Wednesday, May 28, 2008

On-site Registration / Refreshments: 6 pm
Keynote/Panel and Workshop:7 - 9pm

Venue Location:MoCADA

Confirmed Panelists:
Donna Walker-Kuhne, Walker International Communications Group the nation foremost expert on the development of audiences for the performance arts field for over 25 years)Gwendolyn Quinn, GQ Media and Public Relations (publicist to Kirk Franklin, Aretha Franklin, and others) Elsa Lathan, Footprints Communications (publicist to R&B/Soul artist Eric Roberson and many other independent artists)

This workshop is for those interested in learning the art and science of better public relations - for themselves, their productions, and/or their clients.

Behind the Scenes: Things You Need to Know When Navigating Creative Communities
Thursday, July 17, 2008
On-site Registration / Refreshments: 6 pm

Keynote/Panel and Workshop: 7 - 9pm
Venue Location: MoCADA
This workshop is a "tips of the trade" information exchange amongst some of the most respected, successful "handlers" in the arts and entertainment fields. It is ideal for beginning and mid-level artist managers, agents and consultants who work with creative people and cultural arts institutions.

Arts and Activism 101
Thursday, September 18, 2008
Additional Details: TBA
Your passion for seeking social justice and your love for the arts does not have to conflict with your need to make ends meet. Learn about social entrepreneurship, cultural activism and how to integrate art, commerce, and community development through the arts.

Event Planning 101
Thursday, November 13, 2008
Additional Details: TBA
The event-planning workshop will feature some of the best event planners in New York City. This workshop will explore the detail-oriented and passion filled skills that are required to produce seminars, conferences, and parties.

Financial Literacy for Artists
November 2008
Additional Details: TBA

This workshop will provide you with some fundamentals in financial management to improve your proficiency with budgeting, negotiations, and planning. Strengthen your ability to weather economic challenges and sustain your art with sound business tools and resources.

Don't you just love the opportunity and education, ladies?

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Thursday, May 15, 2008


It never fails if I am watching television or if I am out at an event, there is a woman ripping another woman apart with words. Where does all this catfight come from? This is not any easy question to answer nor is there probably one answer.

One of the things that I love about the Girl Friends Get Together events is how fabulous the women are! The women are genuine in the fact that they come out to be inspired, motivated, and to connect with other women.

There are simple things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that support another woman. Here are a few…

1) Don't hate the player, hate the game. Women tend to get very competitive in looks, love, and career. Stop the "catfight". Focusing on your goal will get you further, than focusing hostility on another woman who you deem as competition. Maybe just maybe, it is the situation that you are angry with and not the person.

2) Give at least 3 women words of encouragement each day. By doing this you will make someone's day. Paying it forward has a high value of return.

3) Refer women in your network to each other. When someone calls you for a referral, start with the names of women in your network. When you refer fabulous women to each other, you also come out shining! Build the "old girls network!" A great way to start is coming to a Girl Friend Get Together event.

4) Keep it real. Stop the gossip and the back stabbing. Also, do not burn bridges. One of the best quotes I have heard is "do not step on someone else's toes; you never know if they will be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow". Be real by any means necessary, even if you do not agree.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Now You Might Not Agree With This. .

. .but I’m gonna say it anyway: Sean Bell, Barack Obama, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright are nothing new to us. We've seen them before. In my opinion, these three men are simply a 21st Century reflection back of the Martins, Malcolms and Medgars of yesteryear. And yet, they represent the progress that we as African-Americans have made. They are here to remind us of where we’ve been and where we’re going. Allow me to explain myself. . .

The Victim:
One was a civil rights activist; the other a high school baseball star, making the transition into family life. The lives of Medgar Evers and Sean Bell parallel only in death; and yet through the profound violence of their deaths, a community was united. In memorium of Mr. Evers, a college was established in his name; one can only wonder if and how respects will be given to Mr. Bell. And while, it took thirty years for Medgar’s murder to be vindicated, one can only hope that this time, we won’t have to wait that long this time around.

The Savior:
He has taken the lead, folks; and despite Clinton’s landslide win the West Virginia last nite, Barack Obama remains the front-leader in the Democratic race to the White House. For all those people who said we couldn’t do it, there is a Barack Obama supporter shouting YES WE CAN. And just as Martin had done for our parents, Barack gives our generation hope and makes us believe in the journey to the promised land.

The Outspoken Pariah:
Even in the midst of their fiery words, the truth rings loud and clear: Injustice will not be taken lightly. I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X when I was thirteen; I’ve both watched and read the remarks of Reverend Jeremiah Wright (the whole thing, not the media-edited versions). Dare I say, that this is a dangerous parallel to make, all things considered, but both rhetoric leave me with the same sense of enlightenment and vigor. Thankfully, we live in a day where Rev. Wright (and sometimes wrong- laugh with me here) can say what needs to be said, and he doesn’t have to fear for his life. As long as there are two sides to every coin, there will always be a Malcolm for every Martin. . . .

Two weeks ago I went to visit my father’s family in the Carribbean. A priority for me was to see my grandmother. At eighty-seven years old, she is as sharp as ever and while having only completed up to the sixth grade, she has raised among her children, two police sergeants and a doctor. As I sat in her living room admiring the photos of our kin on her walls, I began to think of how much the world has changed in her lifetime. She was born less than sixty years removed from the Emancipation Proclamation.. . .I pray that she will be here to see our next President.

I digress. We will continue to lose our brothers and fathers and uncles and husbands to senseless violence and incarceration. However, the Sean Bell's and Medgar Evars’ of the world will not have died in vain. Despite their tragic losses we can see signs that the change gon' come. Whether it is at the pace we would like is another story, but our impatience will give us the fire to keep striving forward.

I’m done. Speak on it. . .

Monday, May 12, 2008


To all the Mommies out there, we hope you enjoyed your day yesterday!!

You have the hardest job in the world. We appreciate you and thank you for doing your best. That's all anyone can really ask...

Love always,

Tinalee Media & Events, Inc.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Yes, it has been a while. February actually... But we heart the concept of highlighting the accomplishments and shouting-out our girlfriends. 'Boo-hiss' on us. So here we go!
This time we’re featuring Sabrina Thompson, owner of BeanPye and a moving force behind Women in Entertainment Empowerment Network (WEEN).
We chatted it up with the Chica and here is what she had to say…

GGT: Are you living your dreams?

Hmmmm, to many people’s surprise I’m not quite there yet. I have a great business. I love my career and I’m where I’m suppose to be now; however, I have so many more aspirations that I would like to accomplish in my career regarding education, media, activism and the arts. Also on a personal note, I’d love to start a family sooner than later.

GGT: Are your career goals in line with your personal goals?
Most definitely. I couldn’t separate the two. My life must have boundless energy, social service and laughter. My company, educational career, nonprofit ventures personal life all include a mixture of those elements and I don’t see it changing anytime soon….why should it have to?

GGT: Has there been an event or person that has greatly influenced you to be the person you are today?
PEOPLE--Aside from God, My parents and brother are the driving forces in my life that supply me with infinite encouragement and brutal honesty.

EVENT(S)—It’s more of a journey and not an event, but the fact that I competitively ran track from the age of 7-22 is major in my life. In that time span, I’ve had amazing successes and some dark, life altering moments…all of which molded my character, introduced me to great work ethic and made me a master at multi-tasking. This journey alone showed me that “SHE-WOMAN” lives in every woman!

GGT: Five years ago, did you envision yourself being where you are today? If not what's different?
Oh no! Five years ago I was 24 and I had no clue I’d be a high school teacher with a fun jewelry company and also co-running a nonprofit. I was in the world of TV not thinking about the 3 other careers that God graciously directedf me to be a part of. I am helping to change people’s lives on a micro and macro level and I’m simply a vessel doing God’s work. Most nights, I go to sleep and wake up every morning with genuine feeling of joy in my heart.

GGT: What advice can you give to other rising star girlfriends?
It’s real simple. Do what makes your heart smile, and the money will come later. There are plenty of folks on Wall Street ready to slit their wrist simply because they are in a field that “looks” good but it may not be what they are called by the Most High to do. Be still, listen to your heart and then immediately start your journey with no hesitation!

GGT: What are some key beauty tips you live by?
Oh boy, ya’ll are asking me, the former Tomboy of NC, about beauty tips? J I just started wearing mascara a year ago and I LOVE IT! If left up to me, I’d wear a ball cap, flip flops and low rise fatigues everyday! I make sure I keep my abs tight with nightly abs exercises. Also, I keep my hair long, healthy and shiny but using very little heat and NO products on it at all aside from shampoo/conditioner. I always wash my face with water only in an upward motion…gotta keep the lines away as long as possible! I exfoliate my lips by using a Vaseline and Dixie sugar mixture. It works WONDERS!

GGT: Name some good books you’ve read.
DaVinci Code
Angels & Demons
favorite books are “the Autobiography of Malcolm X” and “100 Years of Solitude”

About BeanPye...
beanpYe is a funk-inspired apparel company that specializes in custom-designed blazers for men and women. Her company creates distinctive, hand-crafted jewelry for women. The vision is to create a medium that reflects the collector's inner spirit and celebrates their uniqueness. Every garment and accessory is bold and defiant, yet versatile enough to compliment your existing wardrobe. Whether you are rocking beanpYe with vintage jeans or current couture, you are guaranteed to make a distinct and powerful statement.

For more information on BeanPye and to pick up some of Sabrina's hot fashions, visit:

For more info on WEEN and to join the movement, check out

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