Friday, December 14, 2007


This month’s GGT spotlight is on Elle Denise, Chief Visionary Officer of Elle Sharp PR & Planning. I first met her on MySpace! Who knew! And she isn’t even crazy! LOL. Chile, you know how people change when they're online; they have different personas. Elle is down-to-earth and a great lady. She, along with SavvySocialite, collaborated with Girlfriends Get-Together on the first Washington D.C. Girlfriends Get-Together event. It was a blast! Since then we have kept in touch with the rising-star girlfriend.

Her company:
Elle Sharp PR & Planning

What she offers:
Public Relations, Event Planning, Marketing, Desktop Publishing, Virtual Assistant/Administrative tasks, and she even sells The Body Shop @ Home products.

We asked the DC/MD/NOVA based Chica a few questions, and here is what she had to say…

GGT: Are you living your dreams?
As each day passes, I find that I’m getting closer to achieving my dreams: success and happiness. Event Planning is FUN to me. It’s my passion.

GGT: Are your career goals in line with your personal goals?
Yes. They go hand-in-hand. If my personal goals are in tact, then my career goals will follow (and vice versa).

GGT: Has there been an event or person that has greatly influenced you to be the person you are today?
Elle: Various people (friends, family, clients and guests) and events have encouraged me to remain focused. It’s always nice to be an inspiration to someone. That gives me more inspiration. Overall, I enjoy working with children. They’re grateful, determined, honest and aware of the smallest details.

GGT:What advice can you give to other rising-star girlfriends?

o Take your own advice. Don’t second-guess yourself.
o Get a mentor (or 2).
o Pursue YOUR dreams.
o Less is more.
o Take a chance.
o Think outside the box. Be original! Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing.
o Surround yourself with positive and like-minded people.
o Ignore “naysayers”: Optimism, IN! Pessimism, OUT!
o Network! Network! Network! Seek lasting connections.

GGT: Name some good books you’ve read.

o The Martha Rules: 10 Essentials for Achieving Success As You Start, Build, or Manage a Business ~ Martha Stewart
o How to Start a Home-Based Event Planning Business ~ Jill S. Morgan

o The Five People You Meet in Heaven~Mitch Albom
o Child of God ~ Lolita Files
o PUSH ~ Sapphire
o The Warmest December ~ Benilde Little
o God Don’t Like Ugly ~ Mary Monroe

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cookie Swap!

The holidays are in full swing! Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate during this time of year?

Have a good ‘ole impromptu throw down cookie swap. Cookie swaps are fun, yummy, and a sure winner for a holiday gathering. Most people make up their own rules for cookie swaps, but here is a guideline you might like to follow:

If you are organizing the cookie swap, you will probably end up as the host for this event. Make sure that you have a table big enough to hold the plates of cookies that your guests will be bringing. Most of the guests may be planning on taking the cookies home, so you'll want to serve some refreshments. You can serve something light to nibble on such as cheese and crackers or hummus and pita.

Send out an evite ( or make calls to let people know when and where the cookie swap will take place. Tell everyone that they must make homemade cookies, let them know how many cookies to make. You might also want to tell your guests to bring copies of the recipes for the cookies that they make. Along with the cookies, your guests can swap their recipes. Get some tins or plastic containers for the guests to put cookies to take home. Now, you are on your way to having a delicious event that will be talked about for years.

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“Luscious Lifestyle Diva”


When I don't want to look like Wolverine, I go to the local threading salon and have the East Indian women work it out on my eyebrows and upper lip. Since holiday party season is here, I must look sharp! I have my eyebrows threaded about once a month. The results are great. Here are some eyebrown beauty tips as per our Girlfriends at Dazzling Diva:

You've seen Eyebrow Threading Salons popping up in cities everywhere, well it is one of the best methods to shape eyebrows and to remove fine facial hair. You may be uneasy your first visit but it pays to fit this into your schedule every three weeks (varies diva to diva). Pay attention and read a few reasons why:

1. Eyebrow Threading is very precise and specialists have more control compared to other methods such as waxing, which results in a better brow shape.

2. Irritations and skin rashes are minimal with Eyebrow Threading because the top layer of the skin surface is not stripped off in the process.

3. More sanitary! Have you ever realized that when getting Eyebrows waxed most establishments use the same wax for all customers. New thread is used for each threading application.

4. Last but not least - Inexpensive when compared to other methods.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Here is the official wrap up of the celebratory party for Socialite/Fashion Designer Esther Nash:

The Quest for "it" held their first official covergirl party on Thursday, November 29th. Designer & Socialite Esther Nash {pictured left} played hostess to an intitmate crowd of well over 100 people at Gramercy Park's Room Service. Ms. Nash expertly decorated the venue with a photo exhibit featuring an assortment of photographers who all took shots of her during various moments in her career. Such photos included a shot of her most recent runway show in which Vogue Editor & Chief Anna Wintour attended. A video montage of television clips including a documentary of Esther start as a designer and her appearance on random dating shows - Single in the Hamptons. I though that was a bit odd, but cute.

Mannequins displayed Eshter's latest womenswear creations from the Babydoll line. Event Producer/Model Patrick Hazlewood {pictured right} of the B-1 Group donned an Esther Nash original tanktop. Mind you his pants were so low you could see the crack of his buttocks. I don’t think he was wearing underwear. Celebrity & Lifestyle Blogger Tia Walker {pictured right} and publisher of The Quest for "it" wore a black tank dress, also designed by Ms. Nash.

Notable attendees included Sandra O. & Melody W. from Ikon Models, Celebrity Makeup Artist Jerry Lopez, FIT Professor Karen Rippy, Model Brandon Mills, Photographer Hai Zhang (whose photo was used for the Feature Story Cover), Bettina Lee of Tinalee Media & Events (me! haha) among others. Guests enjoyed the Lychee "it" a Lychee martini made with the refreshing spirit Ty Ku and Lychee puree, as well as the Natural a drink containing Ty Ku and club soda.

The event's success was recognized by massive amounts of press that at one point outweighed the evening's attendees, working press included: Jason Winslow (Splash News), Rob Klein (photographer), Cognac Wellerlane (Cognac's Corner & Long Island Exchange), Jeffrey Clark Grossman (Totally Cool), Christopher Butt (Freelance Photographer), David Jr. (internet personality), Yui-Kit Chu (Freelance Photographer), Juno Chi, Terry Maloney (Freelance Journalist).

*Photo credits Tommy Lee

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