Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Here is the official wrap up of the celebratory party for Socialite/Fashion Designer Esther Nash:

The Quest for "it" held their first official covergirl party on Thursday, November 29th. Designer & Socialite Esther Nash {pictured left} played hostess to an intitmate crowd of well over 100 people at Gramercy Park's Room Service. Ms. Nash expertly decorated the venue with a photo exhibit featuring an assortment of photographers who all took shots of her during various moments in her career. Such photos included a shot of her most recent runway show in which Vogue Editor & Chief Anna Wintour attended. A video montage of television clips including a documentary of Esther start as a designer and her appearance on random dating shows - Single in the Hamptons. I though that was a bit odd, but cute.

Mannequins displayed Eshter's latest womenswear creations from the Babydoll line. Event Producer/Model Patrick Hazlewood {pictured right} of the B-1 Group donned an Esther Nash original tanktop. Mind you his pants were so low you could see the crack of his buttocks. I don’t think he was wearing underwear. Celebrity & Lifestyle Blogger Tia Walker {pictured right} and publisher of The Quest for "it" wore a black tank dress, also designed by Ms. Nash.

Notable attendees included Sandra O. & Melody W. from Ikon Models, Celebrity Makeup Artist Jerry Lopez, FIT Professor Karen Rippy, Model Brandon Mills, Photographer Hai Zhang (whose photo was used for the Feature Story Cover), Bettina Lee of Tinalee Media & Events (me! haha) among others. Guests enjoyed the Lychee "it" a Lychee martini made with the refreshing spirit Ty Ku and Lychee puree, as well as the Natural a drink containing Ty Ku and club soda.

The event's success was recognized by massive amounts of press that at one point outweighed the evening's attendees, working press included: Jason Winslow (Splash News), Rob Klein (photographer), Cognac Wellerlane (Cognac's Corner & Long Island Exchange), Jeffrey Clark Grossman (Totally Cool), Christopher Butt (Freelance Photographer), David Jr. (internet personality), Yui-Kit Chu (Freelance Photographer), Juno Chi, Terry Maloney (Freelance Journalist).

*Photo credits Tommy Lee

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