Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When I don't want to look like Wolverine, I go to the local threading salon and have the East Indian women work it out on my eyebrows and upper lip. Since holiday party season is here, I must look sharp! I have my eyebrows threaded about once a month. The results are great. Here are some eyebrown beauty tips as per our Girlfriends at Dazzling Diva:

You've seen Eyebrow Threading Salons popping up in cities everywhere, well it is one of the best methods to shape eyebrows and to remove fine facial hair. You may be uneasy your first visit but it pays to fit this into your schedule every three weeks (varies diva to diva). Pay attention and read a few reasons why:

1. Eyebrow Threading is very precise and specialists have more control compared to other methods such as waxing, which results in a better brow shape.

2. Irritations and skin rashes are minimal with Eyebrow Threading because the top layer of the skin surface is not stripped off in the process.

3. More sanitary! Have you ever realized that when getting Eyebrows waxed most establishments use the same wax for all customers. New thread is used for each threading application.

4. Last but not least - Inexpensive when compared to other methods.

Until next time... don't be hairy and

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Khalid Salaam said...

I can't believe they use the same wax for all their customers. damn thats nasty!

tiffanykapri said...

i *heart* threading! I have sensitive skin so that's why i turned to threading in the first place. I also tend to like the way they shape my brows better. Seems like threading places are more into the fuller look. I recently got mine waxed because I was pressed for time and it was on my block- you could barely see my brows even though I said to just clean them up!!

Bettina said...

Yes, I love threading. Well, of course since I posted about it. LOL. But it is sooo much better than waxing. I went to one salon to get a bikini wax... let's just say that I ended up having to go to my dermatologist because I got an unwelcomed virus that was related to chicken pox! I freaked out but my derma said it was common; especially in salons that reuse wax. CAUTION LADIES, CAUTION!

Anonymous said...

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Wendy said...

I get my brows threaded about every 4-6 weeks, depending on regrowth. I fell in love with it when I noticed a "kiosk" at a local mall. Now, the "kiosk" has threading salons in 4 cities here. They are family owned (at least the one I go to), and they do an *amazing* job!! I have even been able to convert my co-workers from waxing, to threading!!