Saturday, March 31, 2007

New Beyonce Video

Sharing means caring. Check out this new Beyonce video "Get Me Bodied". I really like the craziness of it all. She just looks like she's having a good time. Kelly and Michelle's cameos are cute too. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Denim Sample Sale!!

Who the heck wants to pay $350 for jeans? Not when you can get a hookup. I came across this sample sale and you know I had to share. It is the Denim Blitz sample sale. They feature designs from Citizen's, Chip & Pepper, Diesel, Earnest Sewn, and True Religion and others all marked up to 90% off. They also have tops by Grail, Besty Johnson, BCBG, Ed Hardy, Penguin and others. It starts Thursday and ends April 1st. I’ve never been to this one, but I’m excited to check it out and see if the goods are really good.

Sizes available:
Jeans: 24 - 32 / Tops: XS – XL
The Boys Jeans: 29 - 40 / Tops: S – XXL

Methods of payment: Cash, VISA, & Mastercard

76 Greene St. – SOHO - NYC
Between Spring St. & Broome St.

Dates & Time:
Thurs. 3/29/07 through Sun. 4/1/07
Thurs. – Sat. 11:00am - 7:00pm
Sun. 11:00am - 5:00pm

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Support Good Art


I know, I know. This blog is about the Girlfriends, but I have to shout out Pete Chatmon, Founder of Double 7 Film. Don't you know that I was his waitress back in the day. I was a New York newbie and he was a recent NYU film school grad. His new movie, Premium, stars Dorian Missick, Girlfriend (in my mind) Zoe Saldana, Hill Harper & Girlfriend (in my mind) Eva Pigford. It's being released on DVD Tuesday, March 27th! You can order the romantic comedy@ WALMART.COM

Be Sure to Join Double 7 Film & HYT ME
New York City PREMIUM DVD Release Party
Tuesday, March 27th 7pm
Boucarou Lounge - 64 East 1st Street, between 1st & 2nd Ave
Open Bar 7-8:30pm
No Cover - Tasteful Attire
Please RSVP to: by 5pm on 3/27

For more information on the film visit the PREMIUM Website

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Tarte

While some may think it true… I am not really a diva. Just ask Florence from the office. I am laid back and hardly ever wear makeup. BUT, as I was coming from the gym yesterday during my lunch break, I walked past Sephora and temptation slapped me in the face. They had balloons everywhere, beautiful people inside, the music was going and there were smiles all over the place. Therefore, I walked in. I mean, I wanted to be a part of the beautiful people.

A petite brown Barbie doll quickly greeted me. She told me they were having a Tarte makeup promotion and were giving away free makeovers. The creator of Tarte cosmetics (Maureen) was on hand to answer questions. You know I had to chat it up with her. She was pretty, skinny (after just having a baby… impressive), and very amiable. Her concept for founding the line is women go to the make counter to get ‘that look’ all the time. Once they buy all the crap, they aren’t able to recreate the look when they get home. Tarte cosmetics are designed to be almost fool proof. They put the little brush with the little eye color and the little this with the little that so you don’t have to guess which one goes with which. They made me feel like I can start charging people to do their makeup. I kinda sound like a commercial, huh?

Well, apparently this whole Tarte promotion I had stumbled upon was part of some sort of makeup artist contest in which makeup artists across America are competing for a sort of American’s Next Top Makeup Artist. The young fellow that did my makeup was from Charlotte, NC. His hair (nicely cropped and streaked with golden highlights) and makeup were fierce so I had confidence in him. I told him that I just came from the gym and was on my way back to the office; therefore, I didn’t need to look like a Drag Queen. He said he understood, but I soon found that he didn’t. He made me look gorgeous and was extremely polite. However, by the end of my application, I looked as if I were ready for a night out on the town! The other artists asked if I was a model. When I told them no, they told me to ‘work it’ anyway. When I got back to the office Flo just looked at me and smiled. She knew I did a little more than my ‘45min Total Body Workout’. I got a face work out too, but it was worth it.

From what I saw, Tarte products are awesome. They brought out the diva in me. Shoot. The way they are packed (textured faux leather covers, some adorned with elegant hanging chains) made me feel as though I had been upgraded as per BeyoncĂ©. The fabulous colors, mineral bronzers and scents… I think I found a winner.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Get ready for Rio!! Sample & Stock Sale

Designer Bathing Suits, Havaianas Flip Flops, Jewelry and Beach bags

Swimsuit designers include: Vix, Sofia by Vix, Hermanny by Vix and Lisa Curran

  • One piece, tankinis and bikinis
  • Sizes small-large (6-12)
  • Tops available in D & DD (how blessed you may be)
  • Havaianas Flip Flops in all sizes and colors

Same items sold at Saks, Bloomingdales and Neiman Marcus. Reg price $100-200. Sample sale price $55-95

J. Rosen Showroom 250 West 39th St. Ste 310 (btwn 7th & 8th Ave - NYC)

Call (212) 221-2349 for more information

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You know it's ladies night & I'm feeling right

It's actually Ladies Month!

I must let you know about this awesome event Tinalee Media & Events and Girlfriends Get-Together is co-sponsoring with the Phenomenal Women Group... It is the Phenomenal Women's History Month Celebration.
Come on down!!

WHO: Terrie M. Williams, Founder and CEO of the famed Terrie Williams Agency and Founder of the Stay Strong Foundation, bestselling author and highly sought after motivational speaker; Madeline McCray, acclaimed writer and actress; Nettie Paisley, Chairperson of the Life & Ethics Committee for the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture; The Phenomenal Women Group; Girlfriends Get Together; Sistahs In Unity; Tinalee Media & Events, Social Butterfly Promotions;; The Black Star News; Winning Strategies & Associates, other women's groups and individual women.

WHAT: National Women's History Month Celebration 2007

WHEN: Friday, March 23rd, 6:30 P.M.

WHERE: Solas, located at 232 E 9th Street between 2nd & 3rd Avenues in New York City

**RSVP's are required. Please rsvp to

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Little Ways to Reduce Stress

One of our Girlfriends from The Phenomenal Womens Yahoogroup imparted these simple reminders regarding stress. You know I must share. Enjoy!

Suggestions to reduce stress:

  • Enjoy nature more. Watch the sunrise or sunset as often as you can.
  • Bring fresh flowers into your home or office.
  • Break your routine. Do something different.
  • Spend more time around the people who add positive energy and love into your life.
  • Laughing is like inner jogging.
  • Count your blessings.
  • Simplify your life. Get rid of clutter.
  • Minimize TV news and violent shows.
  • Make a positive health decision.
  • Don't let people take your kindness for weakness. Speak up. Strengthen your self-esteem. Delegate duties. Don't overextend yourself.
  • Don't rush into a relationship mistaking lust for love.
  • Be punctual to work and for all appointments.
  • Balance your emotions. Don't eat or shop impulsively.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

GGT Event: Bowllin'

What: Bowling party with the Girlfriends

When: Today - March 15th

Where: Harlem Lanes, 2116 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd (Cross Street: 7th Avenue)

Time: 6pm
Stay after you play so we can watch Grey's Anatomy in our private lounge.

Cost: $15
Includes 1 game, shoes and snacks

For more information, call Bettina at (646) 246-6329

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Secrets for Personal and Professional Networking Success

This was a X-post on a blog I'm on but the original credit goes to: I felt it was useful so I had to share.


1. Have Your Presentation Professionally Represent Who You Are and What You Do.

  • "The image you project, in many circumstances, is far more valuable than your skills or your record of past accomplishments. "

2. Introduce Yourself In A Way That Is Clear, Concise and Personable, And That Generates Interest.
  • "Making introductions, being introduced and introducing yourself area a necessary part of effective networking in all situations, at network gatherings, business meetings and social situations."
3. Be At Ease In Groups And Use Conversation Generators Effectively.
  • "Too often we lose an opportunity to meet someone because we spend precious time trying to think of the perfect opening line."

4. Reintroduce Yourself To People Rather Than Waiting For Them To Remember You.

  • "It is always a big person who walks up to you and offer his/her hand and says hello."

5. Focus On People As They Are Introduced To You So That You Remember Their Name And Who They Are.

  • "People don't always care how much you know, but they know how much you care by the way you listen."

6. Become Comfortable Playing Host At Networking Events.

  • "Wherever there is a human being there is a chance for kindness."

7. Be Gracious and Courteous With Everyone You Meet.

  • "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy."

8. Receive and Give Acknowledgments Daily

  • "The people who are successful are those who are grateful for everything they have."

9. Acknowledge The People Who Inspire You Whether Or Not You Personally KnowThem.

  • "It takes a big spirit to praise the great and the successful instead of envying them."

10. Graciously Receive and Accept Acknowledgment and Support.

  • "There is nothing that more obviously separates the powerful from the powerless than graciousness. "

11. Ask For And Use The Support Of Others.

  • "If you don't rely on others or make your needs known, you cannot expect a network to meet your expectations or serve your needs."

12. Make Clear Requests Of Your Network In A Clear, Concise, And Non-demanding Manner.

  • "One person with a need contacts another with a resource and networking begins."

13. Consistently Find Opportunities To Ask "Who Do You Know Who...?"

  • "Ask and it shall be given to you."

14. Become A Member Of A Network.

  • "There is nothing like sharing a common purpose to build humanrelationships. "

15. Serve On A Committee Or Board Of An Organization.

  • "Membership in an organization is only as good as one's participation in theorganization. "

16. Become Known As A Powerful Networker With An Established And ResourcefulNetwork.

  • "A person who enable others to succeed is invariable sought after and respected."

17. Become A Role Model For Power Networking

  • "Networkers circulate all that they have and encourage others to do the same."

18. Make Networking A Way Of Life.

  • "You were born into a sea of life, existing in harmony with all others. You usually do things best when you do them with others, in cooperation, mutual trust, joy and satisfaction.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pamper your skin!

Okay Girlfriends (sorry, this is only for Girlfriends in the NYC Metro area) ,

You are invited to:
The Cetaphil Healthy Skin Suite from March 8-10th


Here are the details:

Roth Theatre
101 East 15th Union Square
They don't give a time, so I'm thinking that it's allday.

¨ Consultations with a Leading Dermatologist
¨ Complimentary Hand Massages
¨ Cetaphil Product Givaways
¨ Marriott and Renaisance Caribbean & Mexico Resorts Sweepstakes

Also, visit to enter the Marriott island escape!
**Tell them you heard about this through 'Girlfriends Get-Together'.

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Thursday, March 1, 2007

1st Annual Black College Graduation Celebration

Blue World Travel and Recycling Inspiration present the first “360-Degree Annual Black College Graduation Celebration” hosted by Doug E. Fresh and his celebrity guests at Breezes Super Club –an exclusive resort owned by Super Clubs– in breathtaking Runaway Bay, Jamaica, from May 14-18, 2007.

Recent Black college graduates who attend will be celebrated for their achievement and encouraged to pursue their dreams and goals. It will also be an opportunity for graduates to enjoy luxury travel, strengthen their networking foundation, and establish new business relationships. Through a panel lead by celebrated author and PR Pro Terrie Williams, noted inspirational and business speakers will impart invaluable career advice to the graduates while sharing information about the importance of brother/sisterhood and service within the Black community.

For additional info and bookings, contact Blue World Travel at (800) 466-2719 or visit or

**All interested in participating in the stepshow, contact Bettina Lee at (646) 246-6329 or

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