Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Secrets for Personal and Professional Networking Success

This was a X-post on a blog I'm on but the original credit goes to: I felt it was useful so I had to share.


1. Have Your Presentation Professionally Represent Who You Are and What You Do.

  • "The image you project, in many circumstances, is far more valuable than your skills or your record of past accomplishments. "

2. Introduce Yourself In A Way That Is Clear, Concise and Personable, And That Generates Interest.
  • "Making introductions, being introduced and introducing yourself area a necessary part of effective networking in all situations, at network gatherings, business meetings and social situations."
3. Be At Ease In Groups And Use Conversation Generators Effectively.
  • "Too often we lose an opportunity to meet someone because we spend precious time trying to think of the perfect opening line."

4. Reintroduce Yourself To People Rather Than Waiting For Them To Remember You.

  • "It is always a big person who walks up to you and offer his/her hand and says hello."

5. Focus On People As They Are Introduced To You So That You Remember Their Name And Who They Are.

  • "People don't always care how much you know, but they know how much you care by the way you listen."

6. Become Comfortable Playing Host At Networking Events.

  • "Wherever there is a human being there is a chance for kindness."

7. Be Gracious and Courteous With Everyone You Meet.

  • "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy."

8. Receive and Give Acknowledgments Daily

  • "The people who are successful are those who are grateful for everything they have."

9. Acknowledge The People Who Inspire You Whether Or Not You Personally KnowThem.

  • "It takes a big spirit to praise the great and the successful instead of envying them."

10. Graciously Receive and Accept Acknowledgment and Support.

  • "There is nothing that more obviously separates the powerful from the powerless than graciousness. "

11. Ask For And Use The Support Of Others.

  • "If you don't rely on others or make your needs known, you cannot expect a network to meet your expectations or serve your needs."

12. Make Clear Requests Of Your Network In A Clear, Concise, And Non-demanding Manner.

  • "One person with a need contacts another with a resource and networking begins."

13. Consistently Find Opportunities To Ask "Who Do You Know Who...?"

  • "Ask and it shall be given to you."

14. Become A Member Of A Network.

  • "There is nothing like sharing a common purpose to build humanrelationships. "

15. Serve On A Committee Or Board Of An Organization.

  • "Membership in an organization is only as good as one's participation in theorganization. "

16. Become Known As A Powerful Networker With An Established And ResourcefulNetwork.

  • "A person who enable others to succeed is invariable sought after and respected."

17. Become A Role Model For Power Networking

  • "Networkers circulate all that they have and encourage others to do the same."

18. Make Networking A Way Of Life.

  • "You were born into a sea of life, existing in harmony with all others. You usually do things best when you do them with others, in cooperation, mutual trust, joy and satisfaction.

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