Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Pamper your skin!

Okay Girlfriends (sorry, this is only for Girlfriends in the NYC Metro area) ,

You are invited to:
The Cetaphil Healthy Skin Suite from March 8-10th


Here are the details:

Roth Theatre
101 East 15th Union Square
They don't give a time, so I'm thinking that it's allday.

¨ Consultations with a Leading Dermatologist
¨ Complimentary Hand Massages
¨ Cetaphil Product Givaways
¨ Marriott and Renaisance Caribbean & Mexico Resorts Sweepstakes

Also, visit www.Cetaphil.com/NewYork to enter the Marriott island escape!
**Tell them you heard about this through 'Girlfriends Get-Together'.

Until next time…
Be Seen at the Top!

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