Thursday, March 22, 2007

Sweet Tarte

While some may think it true… I am not really a diva. Just ask Florence from the office. I am laid back and hardly ever wear makeup. BUT, as I was coming from the gym yesterday during my lunch break, I walked past Sephora and temptation slapped me in the face. They had balloons everywhere, beautiful people inside, the music was going and there were smiles all over the place. Therefore, I walked in. I mean, I wanted to be a part of the beautiful people.

A petite brown Barbie doll quickly greeted me. She told me they were having a Tarte makeup promotion and were giving away free makeovers. The creator of Tarte cosmetics (Maureen) was on hand to answer questions. You know I had to chat it up with her. She was pretty, skinny (after just having a baby… impressive), and very amiable. Her concept for founding the line is women go to the make counter to get ‘that look’ all the time. Once they buy all the crap, they aren’t able to recreate the look when they get home. Tarte cosmetics are designed to be almost fool proof. They put the little brush with the little eye color and the little this with the little that so you don’t have to guess which one goes with which. They made me feel like I can start charging people to do their makeup. I kinda sound like a commercial, huh?

Well, apparently this whole Tarte promotion I had stumbled upon was part of some sort of makeup artist contest in which makeup artists across America are competing for a sort of American’s Next Top Makeup Artist. The young fellow that did my makeup was from Charlotte, NC. His hair (nicely cropped and streaked with golden highlights) and makeup were fierce so I had confidence in him. I told him that I just came from the gym and was on my way back to the office; therefore, I didn’t need to look like a Drag Queen. He said he understood, but I soon found that he didn’t. He made me look gorgeous and was extremely polite. However, by the end of my application, I looked as if I were ready for a night out on the town! The other artists asked if I was a model. When I told them no, they told me to ‘work it’ anyway. When I got back to the office Flo just looked at me and smiled. She knew I did a little more than my ‘45min Total Body Workout’. I got a face work out too, but it was worth it.

From what I saw, Tarte products are awesome. They brought out the diva in me. Shoot. The way they are packed (textured faux leather covers, some adorned with elegant hanging chains) made me feel as though I had been upgraded as per Beyoncé. The fabulous colors, mineral bronzers and scents… I think I found a winner.

Until next time…Be Seen at the Top!


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