Thursday, January 3, 2008


Chicas, it has been a loooong time. I hate to leave you high and dry. You know how Girlfriends can do. We get caught up in our own mess, think we are all alone, fuss and fight, then finally talk to you and we’re like… Wait, I was never alone to begin with! I didn’t have to go through it alone. Chile, I’m back. Fully recovered from the holiday slander, food, and good times. :-D

I hope you all had a WONDERFUL holiday season. It’s okay if you gained 5lbs as the media forecasted. It’s okay if you fought with Aunt Ro. It’s okay if you got a little tipsy (but not if you broke the heel of your Stuart Weitzman’s). I wish all my sexy, diva, devastatingly strong, Girlfriends a rich and propersous New Year.

My slogan for the New Year is ‘Getting Straight in ‘08’. Forget about a resolution, I’m trying to adopt a new mantra. A new way of life. Slow, but sho, I’ve been cutting out the negative energy. You know, that guy that you keep going back to, your lack enthusaisum for the gym, buying lottery tickets when you know damn well you need to finally set up an appointment with a financial advisor. And hello, eating right? Ladies, it has been said time and time again that we look out for everyone else except for us. Chile, please, GET STRAIGHT IN ’08.

I brought my New Year in with a semi bang. I went to see Jill Scott and Chris Rock at the Garden. (with the ex, but shit, I’m not perfect. We ARE just friends…) N-E-Ways…

{Pictured above: My bootleg video of her concert. Yeah, it's crazy, but you can make out the hairstyle. A description is below.}

This was my first time. Oh, I was enamored by her je ne sais quoi. And when she sang ‘Crown Royal’ (Your hands on my hips pull me right back to you I; catch that thrust give it right back to you I;…) I almost jumped out of my seat and began to groove for the whole world to see. It wasn’t that type of party, but I still got my groove on in my seat. From friends sitting in other sections, a heard that a few naturally melanin free concertgoers didn’t know what to expect and were pissed at her set. They just went to see Mr. Rock. Those sitting around me were snapping fingers, tapping their feet… ahh, we all were clapping and swaying. Rolling trees and feeling the breeze. She kept playing me though. Pretending as if she was finished with her set and then coming back for another song. Good times, good times.

Her Hair: Pulled back on the left and swooshed over on the right giving the appearance of a right-sided Mohawk. Au natural. I must copy. Therefore, I will. :*)

Chris was Chris. He did have some funny moments. Politics (Obama, Clinton, and how Guilani will eat your kids); black women vs. white women; work; cursing;… standard Chris. New material though.

Jill made my night!

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The Fashionista & Baby said...

"Getting Straight in '08" I love it! I too am trying to adopt a new mantra. It seems we are on the same page.

Bettina said...

Cheers to that!

Eb the Celeb said...

Happy new year!

I am so mad I didnt hear about that show at the garden until an hour before it started... I know it was a good one... and am so mad at myself for not being in the loop.