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In 2005, the vision of young collage artist and denim designer Tuesdai Noelle, of Designs by Tuesdai, emerged from urban hardship in the city of Detroit. Having been homeless and unemployment 18 months earlier, this urban princess delved into her creativity. In the kitchen, seated at an old wooden table, inspiration met opportunity and Tuesdai, a true "diamond in the rough," began shining brighter than ever before. With determination and rhinestone in hand, she drew her unique handcrafted designs on pre-washed recycled jeans. In that moment, Designs by Tuesdai became more than a collection of decorative denim. It became an outreach for the "everyday" girl to feel fabulous.

Tuesdai has a special place in her heart for those who desire to look the part of high fashion but simply cannot afford it. For this reason, she wanted to give the "everyday" girl an extraordinary opportunity, by allowing her to mail in used jeans and have them re-designed by Tuesdai--and that's precisely what she did! She has certainly had her share of challenges and setbacks, while climbing the fashion industry ladder, yet she continues to make great strides. Tuesdai Noelle is a truly remarkable lady, a rising star in fashion, and a designer for the "everyday" girl.

We asked the Chica some questions, here is what she had to say...

GGT: Are your career goals in line with your personal goals?
TN: All of my life goals and ambitions are closely intertwine. Vision, purpose, and creativity is what I’m all about when I’m in the public eye or behind closed doors. I can’t imagine that I’d ever have a career goal that clashed with my personal ideals.

GGT: Five years ago, did you envision yourself being where you are today? If not what's different?
TN: No, I thought I would probably end up being an audio technician or a store clerk. I think what change all that is when I began to go back to my roots… I rediscovered my love for art and truly recognized the potential that I possessed, and from there it was all uphill.

GGT: What advice can you give to other rising star girlfriends?
TN: Position yourself on a creative path that will someday give you the notoriety that you not only long for, but are willing to work for.

GGT: Name some good books you’ve read.
TN: I’ll be honest with you, I hate reading books… Most books I start and never finish, or read bits and pieces without taking much from it at all. But I finally picked up a book that was empowering and life-changing: Bitch Mentality by La Veeta Ivory. I highly recommend this book for those who love to read or those who find reading far too time-consuming. This is one book that you will find rich and insightful. A must read, that will help you overcome every self-defeating behavior pattern.

To have your jeans bedazzled or for more information, visit DesignsbyTuesdai.com

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