Monday, September 17, 2007

Is everyone preggers?

Recently, two of my Girlfriends had baby boys. I just helped decorate a baby shower this past Saturday, two of my Sorors are due any day now (the poor chicas are trying to walk/waddle the babies out) and today I learn that a guy a used to date is having a baby boy in January (not thrilled by that, but such is life). What is going on in the world? I mean it's great and all, but everyone seems to be pregnant. :-) Yours truly is holding out. I'm not even close to being engaged, plus, I need a rock first.

It is such a joyous occassion. I just love pregnant women. Especially when they maintain their sexy. I know when I day comes, I will try my best to do the same. An example of such is Christina Aguilera. I was pleased to learn that she and hubby are expecting their first. She looks so cute pregnant. To parphrase my girlfriend Aarian, "There is no reason to let yourself go. I looked fly before I was pregnant and I will stay looking fly while pregnant. Get your hair done or something." And believe me, she is fly as ever.

Christina is keeping it lovely with long necklaces, big hoop earring, a cute tee, simple jersey skirt and ballet flats. She is also staying paperazzi ready with her dark glasses and sweater to help hide the bump. Note the handbag.
Aww, ladies... Until next time...

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