Friday, September 14, 2007

..And now it's gone..

Bon Jour Mon Amis! (For those who took Spanish) Good Day Friends!
So fashion week has finally wrapped up, and unfortunately I didn’t have the sense to take any Airborne because your resident fashionista, moi, is very much under the weather. As a result, I cancelled several gigs but this is what I can tell you:
I’m officially a huuuge fan of Rosa Cha! The designer, Amir Slama just makes you wanna wake up, shower, and wear your bathing suit to work! Well, not really.. Guess you had to be there to see the clothing up close and personal. Let me just say you wouldn’t dare go near the water in these digs. This was a very high end show with lots of Victoria’s Secret models. Talk about the beautiful people, geez, I felt 3 ½ feet tall..

So over at Baby Phat, my sources tell me that the collection was “sub-par. A lot of jeans, bogus bling, spandexy dresses, jewelry, etc. etc.” Maybe next year Kimora..

The show that I was looking most forward to was Snoopy in Fashion. This show featured a who’s who of designers with a Peanuts inspired theme. Some of the big names were Betsy Johnson, Isaac Mizrahi, Heatherette, and Laura Bennet of Project Runway fame. Guess who strutted down the catwalk? Our favorite ANTM winners Jaslene Gonzalez and CariDee English! Work it! This show was special because Peanuts fans and fellow fashionistas had the opportunity to bid on the designers’ creations on eBay to benefit Dress for Success. Didn’t get to see the show? Want to support a worthy cause? Can’t afford to buy the designers’ clothes on eBay (that would be me)? You can make a fashion statement and still support Dress for success by purchasing this cute scarf (see above) for $68 at the MetLife store online. You can shop for yourself and still help the cause! Does it get any better?!

Well Dahlings, my robitussin is kicking in so I’m gonna say au revoir (this French translator is really working!)..

Until next time..

One should never enter a room and expect ambiance; One should enter a room and become it..



Tia Walker said...

Hey Bettina!

Good analysis as usual! That is too funny about Baby Phat. Attendees say it SUCKS every season. I do not undertand how they get invited and they do not even like Kimora's designs. I'd always liked Kimora & her designs and cannot seem to get invited...EVER! I have not attended since my November 2004! Oh well, I love your first hand accounts the BEST!!!! If you prep shows again let's plan camera time.



Blogger Tia Walker

Bettina said...

Hey Tia!

I didn't write this post, but I'm sure Toni appreciates the kudos. I as well didn't like this season. I love Kimora, but I don't think her team gave it their all. Perhaps I was blinded by the ridiculous amounts of people who were cluttering the space backstage. I could hardly work!