Friday, July 27, 2007


A friend recently gifted our prez, Bettina, with a cute sweashirt (actually the one in the photo, but in white) from Scarlett Johansson's new Hearts RBK line with Reebok. She is a sporty glam gal, running track in college, prancing to and fro' in her ballet flats and then jouzing it up for an event (or really just to go to Costco) and she really liked the heart cutouts on the back. I'm glad to see that Reebok are trying to stay in the game with Nike (even though Nike blows everyone out of the water.)

Must say that when we first heard about the launch of this line a few months back, we weren't very interested. Every celeb comes out with a line nowadays. But now, after a test run and closer investigation into the line, it is a decent alternative to the posh Juicy Couture (do you really want to get sweaty or play with your dog in Juicy) and a step up from Victoria Secret's Pink

On another Reebok note, most people had a pair of $54.11's back in the day and in every color I might add, but those just aren't so cute anymore. With the impact 80's culture (leggings should have stayed back then b/c not everyone can or should wear them) we think some chica will make a stand, relive her youth and bring try to bring them back. If you visit the Reebok site, go to the 'Freestyle Forever' tab to see the hot mess designs they have. If you feel differently about the designs, then by all means, let us know.


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Anonymous said...

Nice shirt. Your friend has good taste. Maybe this friend can get you those sneakers that scarlet's wearing in the pic too! You could even let this friend just pick all your clothes. I say yeah. Who is with me???!


Tinalee Media & Events said...

Yeah, yeah. You just say that because you bought the shirt.