Wednesday, July 25, 2007


This video is hard to come by. But, we got it via Media Take Out. Girlfriend hit the deck... face first. We hope she didn't get hurt. But, DAMN! I know I have a hard time walking down the stairs in heels, but that is usually after a few drinks.

Please Ms. Knowles in your prayers. Light and incense, burn a candle, kill a chicken or something (okay, that is a tad bit extreme just for a dag-on fall) but, reports have said that she was bleeding. We hope she isn't left with too many bruises.

Until next time... be care walking down the stairs AND...

Be Seen at the Top!



jaja said...

Beyonce is the Bionic Woman. Her tumbling down 12 stairs, snaping back up without a breaking a nail or smudging her MAC lipgloss, and thrashing her thousand-dollar weave like the dutty whine is the best thing tht has happened to her career in a loooonnng time. Let's face it: she was starting to get boring.

Tinalee Media & Events said...

Hear, hear. I love Beyonce's glitz, glam, and fabulocity... but she does the same thing all the time. Whoooooooooooooooooa! Yeah! (in my pseudo Beyonce voice)