Friday, May 11, 2007

Music and a Movie

This week has been a whirlwind of activity. While trying to prepare for next weeks’ Jamaica 360 trip with Recycling Inspiration and The Terrie Williams Agency (see the March post) Tinalee Media & Events (TME) had to take care of a few things. Here is a recap:

Tuesday, May 8
Took client Amos Winbush (see April posting re: Amos Winbush Showcase) and guest Trey Lorenz around town. Amos is a very talented vocalist, Kobalt Music Publishing signed songwriter and younger cousin of R&B singer/producer/songwriter Angela Winbush. We took him to Disturbing Tha Peace’s Bobby Valentino “Special Occasion” release party. We got there early to avoid craziness and were soon smothered with people. After the major photo opps were handled I left early to avoid the shenanigans and let Amos and Trey Lorenz (I’ll Be There duet with Mariah Carey on her Charmbracelet tour) party and B.S. with the peoples.

Wednesday, May 9
TME screening the Focus Features film Talk to Me starring Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Supporting actors include: Cedric the Entertainer, Taraji P. Henson, Mike Epps, Vondie Curtis Hall and Martin Sheen. In the movie, Don Cheadle portrays the real-life Ralph Waldo “Petey” Greene Jr. an ex-con DJ who talks his way into becoming a radio personality on the white-owned WOL-AM and ends up being a hometown hero for the black community because of his “tell it like it is” approach to life. It is set in the mid-to-late 1960’s in Washington, D.C. At one point in the film touched on the D.C. race riots after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died. The footage was moving.

The cursing was a bit much, but I got over it. Taraji's character could have been developed a bit more. She played Vernell Watson, Petey’s irrepressible tempestuous girlfriend. Chile, she caught Petey in the bed, mid-pump, with another woman and didn’t kill him. That is strength. I tell you.
While it did have strong black righteousness overtones, it is really a movie about a man, a miscreant, and a DJ. Go see it in July when it is released. I bet the soundtrack is hot: Sam Cook, James Brown, and other soulsters.

Despues, we took Amos to the Amy Weinhouse “Fade to Black” Gold Celebration. Boring. It was packed, but we just weren’t feeling it. Maybe it was the crowd, perhaps the music. Amy did come, but we didn’t see her. As per Wendy Williams (Girlfriend in my mind) Amy literally stumbled in at the end of the party, (high off of something) stayed for 4 minutes and then left. Who knows, we didn’t see her, but Tia Walker, The Quest for “it” confirmed her appearance. We did see Keenyah Hill, America’s Next Top Model Cycle 4. She was with her Ikon Model Management agent and looked lovely as ever… and skinny! Work it, Girl.

Thursday, May 9
Kevin Powell’s
(activist, Real World cast member – he got into an altercation with Tammie) Birthday party. It was the same time as the showcase. L Couldn’t attend, but we sent our love.

TVT Records had a soul music showcase with Keke Wyatt and Teedra Moses. Okay, so it said 7-11pm. We figured it would start somewhere around 8:30ish. NO. It started at 10ish. Fine, it started. Keke was up first. She looked great – grew out her hair, lost some weight, skin looked nice- and sounded even better. The chile sang 2 ½ songs. None were new. Hmm, a bit confusing since it was supposed to be a SHOWCASE! At any rate, Teedra rocked the house with a live band while screaming at the music controllers to fix her ‘protools’. I had to dodge in and out to see if Trey Lorenz was caught up at the door. Everyone had a goodtime. They did not have an open bar, but the way people were throwing them back, you sho-nuff couldn’t tell. Fat girls dancing sideways and parting the Red Sea, industry cats pushing past as if they forgot the manners their Momma taught them, and singer/songwriter ‘networking’ (aka. hustling) to make sure you know who they are and that they are the next big thing… Good times, good times.

Until next time…
Be Seen at the Top!


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T.J. Winbush said...

Bettina I loved your blow-by-blow of the Teedra Moses and KeKe Wyatt showcase. It was exactly how you described it...LOL. Your week was a whirlwind of activity, but such a great job was done on your part who would have ever known.

Tiffany J. W.