Thursday, May 24, 2007

Look Who's on the Scene...

Last night we attend the Sol Village music showcase hosted by songster Eric Roberson at Sounds of Brazil (SOBs) in New York. We just wanted to check out the local talent and see what’s good. Well, there was good, bad and ugly as to be expected. At one point I found myself imitating Eddie Griffin's Sexual Chocolate because some acts were just good-n-terrible. Pleasantly enough, the lovely Deemi was brought to the stage. Now we first heard about her through Khalid Salaam (writer extraordinaire). He had to review her album and gave it a decent thumb up. Deemi reminds us of an old-skhool, light-skinned, Mary J. Blige. Really just based off the looks. The girl can sing so we were please. Below is the video to her album title track Soundtrack of My Life.

Another act that caught our attention was Marcell & The Truth from Baltimore. Marcell is
a big man, but girl he could move. He said he was a preacher for the past 7 years but realized that that was not his calling…. Interesting. But whatever, he could saang. (Look at him, doesn't he look like a preacher. He wore jeans on the bottom.) He had one backup singer and she killed it. Big up to all the backup singers out there. It is very important for you to hold it down. People really are paying attention so don’t look a hot mess!

The show was short and sweet 7:30-10:30pm –geez, I guess it wasn’t so short. Afterwards people passed out flyers and whatnot for their artists and future shows. To our surprise, Jean Baylor (Zhan√©) is back on the scene. Maybe we’re under a rock, but who knew? Her new album is Testimony: My Life Story. Everyone’s got a story to tell, don’t they? We did a little research and found an interview. Check it out if you have time. It is a long one.

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Anonymous said...

Deemi must have been good because as you all know Bettina (event planner extraordinaire) is a tough critic. Deemi is that sh** though. As long as people can accept her for who she is (unpolished and a little raw but honest) i feel that she's gonna be a star. When i get back from my sabattical i'm gonna try to attend her album listening.