Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Back from Jamaica

Yes, ladies... we are back. Last week we were in Jamaica living it up with 100 recent college graduates (view the March 1st posting). We were holding it down for the Stay Strong Foundation (Terrie Williams) and Recycling Inspiration (Xavier Artis). Chile, the week was wonderful; sun, fun, drinks and tons of emotion. Don't get me wrong, we were grinding (photo taglines, student travel arrangements, celebrity room assignments, celebrity interview arrangements and the hole 9... and then some) but the week offered an awesome chance to get away.

The trip was Jamaica 360, the first annual one actually. It was designed to celebrate the acheivements of recent college graduates. The headliners were Doug E. Fresh and Eddie Griffin (he donated $150k to the cause). Other notables were, well of course author, motivational speaker and public relations genious Terrie Williams, Susan Taylor (Essence Magazine, Essence Cares), old school rapper Dana Dane, Sean Paul (ended up being a no-show), Spragga Benz (ripped the reggae show) and others. The event was all in the Jamaican media and was covered by US media as well, including Access Hollywood.

I (Bettina) personally had to recharge and regroup. Terrie's workshop left everyone's emotions on the floor. You know Essence wrote an article about her battle with depression? She didn't hold back. Terrie opened up that can and girl, let me tell you, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Students came up to the mic sharing stories of how they and/or their families depression dealt with depression. Black people don't really deal with that subject. We usually say "Oh, you'll be alright, just pray on it. Go to church. You need Jesus." While that is fine and good, it isn't the only thing you can do. Terrie has a book due out this fall entitled Black Pain: It Just Looks Like We're Not Hurting. When I get more details of the actual drop date, we will let you know.

Susan Taylor's workshop had us thinking. She talked about relationships and just plain life. Girlfriend had me thinking. Those of you who know me personally know of the Tabari saga (which has just ended as of Sunday) but we all have some sort of saga in our lives. We need to recharge. Get your mind right. Do for you for a change. Go to Jamaica, and if you can't afford that then take a hot bath, light some candles and zone out to Floetry/Jill Scott/Kindred/Yolanda Adams or whoever else takes you to your place of solitude.

Until next time my dears...
Be Seen at the Top!



Anonymous said...

I look forward to reading Terrie WIlliams next book so i'll be on the lookout for Black Pain. I throughly enjoyed reading Plentiful Harvest (can't recall the exact name), i found it rewarding and uplifitng. I didn't know much about Terrie Willams before you introduced her into my conciousness, so i thank you for that.

(trying to be seen at the top)

Khalid S.

Tinalee Media & Events said...

Yes, Terrie is a wonderful woman. We are anticipating her book as well. Everyone has personal pain that they need to deal with; various levels, but we all have it. We mustn't internalize it or project it on others because that is not fair and will ultimately do ourselves the biggest injustice.

Khalid, you are a dear friend of ours and we know you will be seen at the top. You already have a large fan base on your blog, a national magazine and published articles galore. It won't be too long before we are blinded by your sunshine.

Keep keeping on. We have your back.

Anonymous said...

thank you for those kind and beautiful words bettina. when I get to the top I hope to see you there smiling!!!!! ----khalid