Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It’s Like Will and Grace Part 2

If you haven’t read Part 1, please do so.

This past Saturday, I met the new boyfriend. I was a little nervous. I mean, this is the guy that is bringing MY little RJ out of the closet. What makes him so special? You know how you feel that little ping of jealousy inside when you see your ex with someone new or know that they are dating; even if it was a while ago? And if you see them, you must look your best and be fly as ever. You give them the ‘You know you miss this’ look, just because you can. Yes, yes, I too am an offender of this ill-fated feeling.

After debating (as BFF’s do, but so much that the new boyfriend became intimidated by me) about where we would have dinner, RJ and his Bo (let’s call him Ellerson), and my Bo and I met at Houston’s. I was wearing these bad pointy toe leather stilettos with leather lace accents across the top, dark denim trouser pants, and a dark iridescent green short-puffy-sleeved button down shirt that had a self-tie bowtie. Cute as can be; because you know I had that feeling. My Bo was looking fresh as well. He had to look the part; he is a reflection of me. Plus, sometimes I feel as though you must step your game up a bit when dealing with the gays. I’m not the Fag Hag I used to be and Ellerson works in PR for a high-end fashion label. lol

Back to the point of it all, dinner was great. I ordered the lump crabmeat crab cakes and a Dirty Martini (just in case); my Bo had the fish sandwich (I should have gotten that b/c it was really good), RJ had steak, and Ellerson had the ribs. RJ and my Bo discussed football, Giants vs. Eagles, and other miscellaneous guy talk. Ellerson and I talked about him coming out to his family, sample sales, and work stuff. We got along wonderfully. Oddly enough, they were a cute couple. They held hands under the table, glanced affectionately at each other, and shared food. The hair wasn’t flying and the claws didn’t come out. I do have a little ‘Raoww’ in me, but everything was calm. So this is how Grace feels? All I need now are Karen and Jack. ;-)

Until next time…
~Be Seen at the Top!

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Laura said...

You sound very civilized, and I would enjoy knowing you. I always thought of fashion people as sort of trashy. but you are nice. I enjoyed your blog post. Laura from Ohio