Monday, January 8, 2007

Life is Good!

Happy New Year, Peace & Blessing and a World of good to you all.

Geez, I have been busy. My Mom got married (I was the Maid of Honor), I closed on my condo, and I acquired 4 new clients all during the craze of Winter holiday madness. I am blessed. How are you? I hope all is well for you and yours. No, really, I do.

Over the weekend, I saw the movie, Children of Men. I recommend you see it; that is if you can find a spot. Most of the theatres were sold out. I skipped the line and used the Kiosk just in time to catch the show. And when I got in the theatre, my Bo and I had to play the find a seat game. Why do people hog seats? I politely asked a young lady to move over so we could sit together since she wasn’t using the seat next to her. While she did, a grumpy old man didn’t want to move and ended up scaring moviegoers to the other side of the theatre. Propped up in his seat with his cart, he was really just listening to his radio, talking to himself and growling. Harmless I think.

Children of Men takes place in 2027 and involves the trials and triumphs a young pregnant girl has in a World in which the women are sterile. There was chaos, war, and all sorts of mayhem. People had forgotten what a baby looked like, sounded like, smelled like… I’m not going to give you the details; you might want to see it. But, the movie really makes you think. How would the World be if women were no longer able to have children? I mean, people have kids everyday, but what if one by one, we couldn’t.

The value of life is powerful. It is precious. Most people have New Year’s resolutions, but here’s a simple one that I’d like to share… Take time for small things. Meaning: sniff the flowers, clean that dirty closet, and call that friend you’ve been meaning to call from about two months ago. Oh, and get your Poochipatch (as my Grandma liked to call it) checked out to make sure everything is working and healthy.

Until next time…
Be Seen at the Top!

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