Saturday, February 23, 2008

Single and Satisfied!

So ladies....February has been deemed as the month for love. If you are single like me, you are constantly reminded that you are single. Valentine’s Day may have come and gone, but there a few more days in this month of love still linger.

Being single is not something to be ashamed of, girl hold your head up high. The best thing to do is simply stay sassy, sexy, and satisfied. You will attract love to you and so much more.

Here are five tips for the single girls to rock being single.

1) Smile- Remember to smile! A smile on your face will be like magic. When you smile you will be relaxed, glowing, and showing everyone that you are open. Pay attention to how people respond to you when you have a smile on your face. People will not be able to get enough of you.

2) Ask a guy out- So you are into someone and you think he is into you, but for some reason he hasn’t asked you out. Why not take the initiative? You can ask him out and stop wasting time wondering if he’s into you or not. Don’t think about it, just do it. Carpe diem.

3) Take a trip to a new destination- Have you been saying that you want to do someplace on a vacation, but you simply keep putting it off? Go online or go to the library and get books all about the vacation of your dreams. Before you know it you will have your bags packed, you will be on your way.

4) Eat right- Do you grab a pint Ben and Jerry’s when you are upset? What you eat effects how you feel. Next time you are upset instead of grabbing junk food or something filled with fat, grab a piece of fruit and go for a workout. When you feel blue going to the gym will do wonders for releasing endorphins, which will leave you feeling elated.

5) Be True to YOU! - Above all else be true to you. Stay in tune with what you are feeling and with your desires. Follow your own bliss. When you “do you” you groove is turned on and can not be denied. You will the passionate alluring woman that you are meant to be!

Until next time,
"Luscious Lifestyle Diva"


Anonymous said...

Damn RIGHT! lol. Thank you Luscious Lifestyle Diva!!

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but apart from your suggestion the trust factor is also very important for any relationship....

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