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Girlfriend Chanda Rule says she can remember singing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to her church audience at the age of two. At age six she was taking piano lessons. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago and often being the only black student in her social activities caused Chanda to find solace in the church. She attended Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago and was a member of the Youth Choirs. Although she was showered with affirmations of “you should sing” and “you are talented,” Chanda professes she never wanted to sing professionally. “Singing was more of a fantasy for me because I came from a very academic family,” stated Chanda. After graduating Cum Laude from Howard University Chanda moved to New York City to pursue a career in Publishing. After two years in corporate America, Chanda found herself longing for more. One day while riding the train to work and burdened by the load of her unfulfilling job (Oh gosh, like we all do at some point in time. Some of you know how it can be!); Chanda heard a still and calm voice say to her “you should be singing.” About a year later, Chanda left her job and opportunities immediately began to present themselves. Chanda began singing background for vocalists in New York and was cast in renowned musical theatre productions of Hair in Europe and New Jersey’s Hudson Shakespeare Company.

Her voice began to take her through the jazz scene in New York and she performed as the lead vocalist with Victor Jones and sung along side internationally acclaimed musicians such as Mino Cinelu, Papo Vasquez and John Benitez.

She began opening for artists such as Regina Bell & The Whispers, India.Arie, Angela Bofill, and Amel Larrieux. She has also performed at various jazz and music festivals and clubs such as Birdland, Le-Club Moscow, Hard Rock Café, and the Jazz Standard.
After writing and producing her first CD LikeWater in 2005 she introduced her music to the airwaves with a live radio concert on New York's WBAI for International Women's Day.

Chanda independently released LikeWater, and her second album I Too Speak of a River through her production company LikeWaterMusicPublishing (BMI).

Over her 8-year career Chanda has traveled throughout the US and internationally in Amsterdam, Berlin, Germany and Russia. Speaking of her purpose as an artist Chanda says, "There is something about rhythm and melody that can always find a smile, throw a head back with laughter, or even cause tears…it transcends language and breaks through cultural and racial barriers.”

We caught up with the girlfriend for a GGT Spotlight, and here is what she had to say…

GGT: What makes a good girlfriend?
Chanda: Being accepting and as nonjudgmental as possible.Being a great listener, having a great sense of humor,having a rich spiritual life, and a willingness toshare herself and her life, goals, fears, and joyswith her friends

GGT: Are you a good friend to your girlfriends?
Chanda: I try my best to be

GGT: What inspires you?
Chanda: Music and personal stories about life and overcoming challenges

GGT: Name some books you've recently read
Chanda: Just finished Gloria Naylor's "Linden Hills" for a second time, in the middle of Superwomen & Goddesses by Akua Auset, and am also chilling out to Harry Potter III!

GGT: Do you have words of wisdom to impart on rising star girlfriends?
Chanda: Yes. Trust the goddess within.

GGT: What is your guilty pleasure
Chanda: Hmmmm... Day spas and movies with hot popcorn!

For more information on Chanda Rule and to hear her music, visit: I especially like River and Even Me.

If you are in the New York area, you can see her LIVE at

March 9 @ 5pm
Jazz at St. Peter’s Church

March 10 @ 9:30pm
Zinc Bar

March 14 @ 7pm
Sacred Fridays at Sacred Center
*This event provides an opportunity for attendees to have deep inner spiritual cultivation through chants, music, sacred text readings and silence. With Rev. John Foran and Minister Andrew Harriott

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