Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Gotta luv the kids!

I started out the year calling people and sending texts of well wishes and ‘Happy New Year.’ I was gearing up for special events and activities; asking who is going to All Star in Vegas and what not. Well, two girlfriends replied to my surprise, ‘Can’t go, I’m having a baby this year!’ I guess we are getting to that age. Therefore, for all my Girl/Mommiefriends out there, here is a cute 15% discount (minimum order $15) from our Girlfriend Aimee. Her Feug Shui Inspired Clothing for Babies & Toddlers is adorable. If you are in New York, visit the store (247 W. 38th Street). You can also online at www.bamboobabyny.com/. The discount code is GGT. You have time, it doesn't end until November 15, 2007, but hey, you never know ;-P

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