Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weekend Quest

This weekend I was on the quest for a great handbag. I’ve had my eye on a medium sized green studded hobo bag by Kenneth Cole. It was on sale so I knew that someone would scoop it up soon if I didn’t pounce.

The journey began on Saturday at the ϋber sexy N boutique on 116th Street in Harlem, co-owned by Girlfriend Nikoa Evans. They are having a 30% off sale on Juicy Couture, and let me tell you, their stuff is HOT! It was freezing in there because they keep the door open so customers will know that they are open. However, you can’t miss the store since there is a large sign out front listing the names of their designer goods. When you first walk in, you are greeted by a small section of home goods (placemats, knick-knacks and lovely fragrances). Turn left and a cute little sales associate greets you. She was styling a close-cropped Caesar and the baddest black stiletto slouch boots. In front of her was a collection of gold and silver jewelry from various artists. While beautiful, I was more interested in the clothes (I’m also on a quest for the perfect jean for a tall girl with booty, but you know that will take a bit longer.) You walk past the colorful Iman cosmetics counter and voíla: deep v-neck beaded shirts, sleek jeans, leather and sherpa boots, cashmere, fur hoodies, silk skirts… and handbags! I also saw sexy little dresses by Tracey Reese and Nicole Miller.

Exposed brick, dark smooth concrete flooring, and elephant ear palms accentuated the downstairs Men’s section; sweet pots of diffused scents were discretely placed throughout. Nice. Their collection included G-Star, Hugo Boss, and random local designers who proved to be worthy. My boy Tabari found a smart Asian inspired tie and handkerchief set. Each piece was handmade so he ordered the $275 tie.

Next we traveled downtown to NYC’s Flatiron neighborhood. We went into Zara (one of his favorite stores). After receiving virtually no help from useless sales associates, we found a great fitting army green button-down for him in the Men’s section. We went back upstairs, only to wait in a ridiculously long line. A woman, two people in front of us, complained that every time she visited the lines are long and that they need to invest in a third cash register. Halfway listening, the manager looked up from her scheduling sheet and said that the register was open downstairs in the Men’s section. I informed her that no one was downstairs; I mean, I had just come up the stairs. The three people behind me co-signed my statement. Rather than checking on her associate or using her walkie to make sure there was someone down there, she cut us off by saying ‘No. There is someone down there. She has been waiting for an hour.’ Absurd.

With a few stops in between, my quest continued on to the final destination, Kenneth Cole. And, YES, they still had the bag. To my delight, the girl helping me found a fresh bag still wrapped in plastic with all the stuffing. I snniiffed, and smelled the sweet leather. I’ve been looking other places, but I knew this was the one I wanted. My favorite mass-retailer, Club Monaco, has an awesome large satchel that has a leather handle, leather bottom, but a grey knit body. It is BAD, but not for everyday use. I wanted something for everyday. My hand is itching though, so I know I’m going to have to stalk that bag a bit to see if it goes on sale.

Please respond to me through the blog and not via email. That way we all can share. Thanks!

Until next time…
~Be Seen at the Top!

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Cynthia said...

I can definitely understand the bag itch as I often frequent www.ELuxury.com for designer sales and vintage stores like Reminiscence or Beacon's Closet for thrifty deals.

Otherwise, you were rockin' your Kenneth Cole bag at the Clause fundraiser last weekend. I guess it was worth the wait...