Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hello World!

Welcome one and all to the world of GGT! This is geared towards Ladies. Please feel free to share, discuss, network, and most of all have fun.

Let me start of by telling you of my adventure with my homegirl (in my mind) Kelis. I went to her concert the other night at New York's Sounds Of Brazil (SOB's) and boy-oh-boy, I didn't know what to expect. I mean, what kind of crowd does she pull? Punkers? Hoodrats? The Eclectic folks? I've never been to one of her concerts before so I was excited. Plus, my friend says that Bossy is my theme song.

First off, the DJ arrive the same time I did (which was 8ish) and no one was there to warm up the crowd. My only entertainment was the group of gay guys in front of us telling this story and that... "Girl don't you know... Umm, hmm well I heard... What? Shut up!" I just knew my boy Tabari was going to get 'accidentally' felt up by the end of the night. You know how guys just happen to brush up against you and pretend as if neither of you felt anything.

After standing on the concrete floor in a jam packed space for almost two hours; my feet were hurting. Unfortunately, I had to be cute and wear my 4-inch pirate inspired Steve Madden Cognac colored knee-high boots. The DJ got on stage and tried to 'warm up' the crowd, but after hours of waiting, we were like 'Negro Plueaze.' While talented, he just couldn't get me going. That was until I heard, "I wanna rock right now. I'm Rob Base and I came to get down..." You know the rest. I had to take it back and do the wop in the 1x1 square foot space that was allotted me.

When the band finally got on stage, they came complete with their Hennessy bottle, snifter glasses, and a swagger. I shouldn't have been surprised, BUT I WAS. Scheduled for 9pm, Mrs. Jones didn't step on the stage until 9:55pm. My crew and I were 'ret-to-go.' However, once she began her set, we couldn't Keep It Down because she had us feeling like Millionaires. I was hoping she would do Millionaire because it's one of my favorites from her last album. She opened the night with it so I was pleased. Kelis entertained us with her gyrating hip thrusts, spastic robotic pauses to the beat and flailing arms. She was a sweaty wild woman. During my theme song, I felt inspired to do her 'broken chicken' dance. Don't worry, I didn't. Blindfold Me was the highlight of the evening. When Nas came on stage, the crowd got hype and the girls started squealing like pigs. Some of the guys were too. Even I had to pull out my camera. He was cute in his little NY Yankees baseball cap, white button down, jeans and blazer. Traditional 'dress-up gear' for rappers of his age. I couldn't quite see his shoes though. I didn't realize Kelis was that much taller than he. Well, only an inch or two, but she could have been wearing heels.

All in all, she did a good job. I haven't bought her new album Kelis was Here, but now, I think I might have to pick it up. The show could have been a bit longer AND she could have arrived on time, but she looked great. We've all seen her new haircut, but she has now shaved the right side of her head and swooped the rest to the left. Think of a mohawk with only one side being shaved. Donning a black bolero jacket, black sequined mini-dress with silver piping around the neck, silver leggings, she rocked the house. Again, from my vantage point, I couldn't get a full understanding of the shoes, but I saw black boots with some sort of furry top. I love shoes, so those were the first things I was trying to check out.

Until next time...

~Be Seen at the Top!

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Shi Shi said...

Bettina, you are so funnie!! I was suppose to be at that concert and I'm mad I missed it. I had a chance to see her last friday, because the guitar player Curt Chambers is my close friend. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, even with the the (CPT, colored people time) in effect! Well the most important thing is having fun with your friends and enjoying the music. In this case it sounds like you did!! By the way her hair cut is serious as well. Until next time, ROCK ON!!