Monday, November 27, 2006

It's like Will & Grace

Hi Ladies,

Well, this holiday was great. I went to Colonial Williamsburg and hung out with my family. Shopped, ate, drank, and was merry. I also kicked butt in our annual family Scrabble tournament! I hope you all enjoyed the lazy days as I did.

Now listen to this (you’re actually reading, but anyway), my girlfriend/boyfriend RJ asked me if he could crash at my place for the weekend since I was away. No problem. He comes up here on the weekends to get away and to visit his boy toys….

Let me give you a little history on my lil friend RJ. He and I dated in grad-school. He is an athletic, 6’3, 220lbs, football playing, All-American jock. While dating, he told me he was interested in guys, but had never acted on this impulse. Once we broke up (no it wasn’t immediate), sky was the limit; he went buck wild with the girls and the boys. Hoe City. Through it all, we remained close friends (he says I'm his Grace). Recently, he has become a bit more comfortable ‘playing with the other team’ and has even ‘come-out’ to his boys (to my surprise, they didn’t care.) He hasn’t ‘come-out’ to his family and vows to never do so. He doesn’t tell the women he dates, either. This goes against my down-low beliefs and is a huge NO-NO in my book. I tell him all the time.

Back to the present, RJ wants my Bo and I to go on a double date with him. He wants me to meet one of his crushes. It seems a bit strange. I have no problem with gays, lesbians, transgender or whatever you are, just as long and you don’t act stank towards me. However, this is a different situation. I mean… RJ and I used to date. Yes, it was eons ago, but still. Will I feel the same way one does when they see their ex with another woman? Am I going to look at him in a different light? Is he going to be ‘less of a man’ in my eyes? Who knows? Whatever the end result, we’re going to dinner and I will support him. I’ll give the new guy the same scrutiny I would the new chick. Crazy, isn’t it?

What do you think? If you have experienced something like this, what did you do? If not, what would you do?

Until next time...
~Be Seen at the Top!

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Meeka said...

I know that I am so late with thic omment but I happened to just see it. Girl now that he is down for the other team and being that you don't play that game you will not even care. Rather you will be grateful that it is not you that he is doing the DL on. Honestly, I am great friends with some of my ex and that is as far as it goes. They are married and we behave as friends who are not involved sexually. The wives don't know and honestly, it is none of their business since it happened way before their time. Truthfully, I am the last person that theyy have to worry about. Its the other women that they need to be scrutinizing. If the roles were reversed I wouldn't care either as long as I don't feel that you are trying to push up on my man and that you respect the boundaries.

As for RJ's DL ways tell him that it ain't fair. He can't have his cake and eat it too. It's either one or the other. If he can't decide then he needs to change his orientation to bi and be honest. Some freaky girl will want him.