Saturday, November 3, 2007

Martha Stewart Collection

Hey girlfriends,

Yolanda Shoshana best known as, “Shoshi”, is on the now on the blog!

Here is a little 411 on me:

I am a lifestyle entrepreneur and artist known as the Luscious Lifestyle Diva and Queen of Kosher Soul Cuisine. My goal is to empower women to live luscious lives and celebrate living a life by design! I accomplish these goals through lifestyle, food/entertaining, art, and wellness. I am the founder Center of Female Empowerment, LLC, a lifestyle company in New York City.

I look forward to sharing advice/tips on home and entertaining with all of you!

By accident, I saw the new collection of houseware by Martha Stewart that is exclusively at Macy’s. In case you have missed the new commercials for the collection, one of them features Martha and Usher, which was a great way to bring to appeal to the urban market and the Connecticut housewives at the same time. Usher even calls Martha “girl” in the commercial and it didn’t seem to bother her….maybe Martha isn’t as stiff as she seems.

As for the Martha Stewart Collection, I found the colors for the sheets and bedding to be quite boring. Most of sheets and bread spreads are on sale, which might mean they are not flying off the shelves. The best thing about the collection is the cookware. Love or hate Martha, that woman knows how to make some fabulous cookware and bakeware! If you are strapped for cash don’t forget you can still get the lifestyle diva’s cookware at Kmart (probably for half the price)


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