Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I know I do. We first met Zulema last year at one of the overrated Shecky's event (yeah, I said it). She stood out. Her spunk and badass handbags had women clamoring over themselves as if they were at a Barney's basement sale. I knew she was something special. Below is her bio. Read on Girl, read on...

Zulema N. George, the creative designer behind Anavaa Kisasa LLC was born in Kingstown, St. Vincent. Anavaa Kisasa, a fashion accessory line specializing in women's handbags,was founded in 2004 when this Brooklyn native became tired of purchasing handbags that she knew he could create herself. "Adding my sense of style to an array of the finest leathers, I started creating funky, versatile bags that any woman would love. My handbags are custom made and personally handcrafted. I use leathers in a variety of colors adding a touch of personality to each handbag with a special detail." She replied when asked about her line.

Zulema always had a flair for fashion and knew what looked good, but she didn’t become interested in being a designer until 1995 when she returned to New York after attending Howard University to take a job in the fashion/retail industry. This sparked her interest in clothing and accessory design. Though her collegiate degrees are in the sciences, Zulema's true passion is design. Her current studies, at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, in New York City, has only heightened her interests and fueled her creativity and desire to share her vision with the world. She has a unique eye for fashion and a knack for making everything that she touches beautiful.

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Anonymous said...

That 'Stash' clutch is cute... or is it a makeup case?

Zulema said...

Hi Anonymous,
The 'Stash' clutch is whatever you want it to be..a clutch, a makeup case, a case for your precious's just that a bag that houses your 'stash'!!
Just as the company slogan states: "A handbag is more than an accessory; it's an extension of you"
Thanks for the love!!

Anavaa Kisasa LLC

Bettina said...

Ooo. Nice, Zuelma. I'm loving your styles as well. That 'Stash' clutch is cute. ;-)