Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Umm, Alcohol and Breast Milk?

No one here at Tinalee Media & Events has a baby as of yet, but we realize that some of you do. I know that when I have a baby, I will breastfeed for sure. You know, I'm not sure how I came across this, but this is something Britney Spears and perhaps a few other young Moms should know about. Milkscreen. Founded by Mommies Julie Jumonville and Elizabeth Smith, Milkscreen is like a breathlizer for your boobs. And ladies, they say the 'pump and dump' method doesn't work. Here is what they say about the system:

Congratulations on your new baby and your decision to breastfeed!
Mothers around the world agree; breastfeeding is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling experiences of motherhood. But it is also full of challenges and mystery. Milkscreen aims to eliminate one mystery for nursing mothers by providing peace of mind that the milk baby drinks is alcohol free.

Why test your breast milk for alcohol? Alcohol in your breast milk can have a number of negative impacts on you and your baby:

  • Let-down and milk production: Studies show that alcohol can inhibit your let-down and milk production (one study showed a 23% decrease in milk volume with one drink1).
  • Calorie consumption by the infant: Your baby may also drink less milk if your milk contains alcohol, limiting the number of the extremely valuable calories he or she may receive.
  • Sleep: Studies also show that babies do fall asleep sooner after ingesting alcohol in breast milk, but they sleep less soundly and wake earlier.
  • Development of motor-skills: In more extreme cases, an infant's motor skill development may be hampered.

For all of these reasons, alcohol-free milk is safer for your baby, and with Milkscreen, it is easy to find out exactly when to breastfeed and when to use an alternate solution.

What does a positive result mean?
A positive result with Milkscreen indicates alcohol exists in the milk and you may want to seek an alternate source of food for your baby. With a positive test result, options include waiting for an hour or so and then re-testing your milk, using formula, or using stored, pre-pumped milk.

Note: Pumping your milk (the "pump and dump" method) does NOT eliminate alcohol from your breast milk. The only way to eliminate alcohol from your bloodstream is to wait a period of time.

Because every mom metabolizes alcohol differently, it is important to test your milk before feeding your baby if there is any question of the lingering presence of alcohol.
1 Mennella & Beauchamp 1991, 1993; Mennella 1997, 1999

Hmmm, interesting. For more information or to order this system, visit: http://www.milkscreen.com/

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