Monday, August 18, 2008

Your J-Spot!

Since I promote luscious living to women, I am always asked what make a luscious life. The answer to that that question can vary, but one main ingredient to luscious living is finding your j-spot…your "joy spot". I coined the term j-spot cause it sounds like the term g-spot. You should pay just as much attention to your j-spot as you do your g-spot and watch as your world fills with laughter and light!

Your j-spot is that place in your soul that tingles whenever you feel joy. Do you know where j-spot is? If it has been awhile since you have tapped into your j-spot, I challenge you to tap back into it. There are some of you may not even know where your j-Spot is anymore, I encourage you to find it.

You are entitled to feel joy. When you came into this world, you were destined to have and be your best. Stop just going through the motions during the day. Do at least one thing a day that brings you joy. Come on, I dare you. It can be something small like taking a walk, getting the grande at Starbucks instead of the tall or go big and book that dream vacation you have always wanted to take. Girl go for yours and may your jspot overflow!

Til next time,
Luscious Lifestyle Diva

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Keli said...

j-spot...I like that...will have to us it.

I think so many times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, that we begin to neglect the little things that bring us joi.