Wednesday, June 25, 2008


In preparation for Girlfriend's Beauty Bag this Saturday, the fab ladies over at Gorgeous on the Go prepared a skin quiz.


This simple quiz will determine if we’re really treating our skin right!

Your Skin Age is the biological age of your skin, based on how well you care for it. Determining your skin age is simple! Just take out a piece of paper and answer these 10 questions below. If your answer is “yes,” add or subtract as recommended:
Start off with your chronological age (based on the year you were born…duh!)

Sun Exposure Do you…
· Wear SPF daily? Subtract 2
· Use a tanning bed/booth? Add 17
· Spend more than eight hours/week outdoors during the day? Add 8

Skin care products Do you…
· Use daily skin care products (i.e., Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer)? Subtract 2
· Use age-defying treatment products? Subtract 5

Nutritional supplements Do you…
· Use a mega multi-vitamin? Subtract 4
· Or, use a one-a-day supplement? Subtract 3
· Take additional antioxidants (e.g., vitamin C, vitamin E, etc.)? Subtract 1

Lifestyle Do you…
· Experience high stress? Add 3
· Sleep 7–8 hours per night? Subtract 3
· Exercise a minimum of 60 minutes weekly? Subtract 2
· Live in a metropolitan area (pollution)? Add 2
· Consume four or more alcoholic beverages per week? Add 3
· Smoke? Add 8
· Or, are regularly exposed to secondhand smoke? Add 7
· Consume eight or more glasses of water daily? Subtract 2

Voila! The final number is your REAL Skin Age! If you want to find out how to take steps to take better care of your skin, drop by the Gorgeous on the Go table for a quick skin analysis and regimen consultation. Our beauty advisors will be on hand to provide their expertise at the Girlfriends Beauty Bag event on June 28th.

Until next time...

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